The UK is a big celebrator of Christmas during the holiday season with cities hosting huge markets and events with a festive theme. Whilst many just end up spending Christmas with their family, many choose to travel during the festive winter months, which can leave you with a dilemma. With so many cities trying to pull out all the stops during Christmas, how do you select the best UK destinations for your travels this year?

To assist in making this decision we have put together a brief guide looking at some of the UK’s most impressive festive destinations to visit. We have strived to include a range of big cities and quaint villages to appeal to all the different types of travelers, so whatever your preferences you should find a suitable location for your Christmas travels.


London UK Destinations Worth Visiting for Christmas


It wouldn’t be a true Christmas destination list without the inclusion of the English capital. London is one of the most visited cities in the world and with a booming tourism industry comes the budget for incredible festive events. London is known for its huge Winter Wonderland Christmas event hosted in the famous Hyde Park.

With a German theme, fairground attractions, dedicated shows, and incredible lights, Winter Wonderland attracts a huge number of families, couples and individuals every year. If you’re considering Christmas in the UK, you should definitely consider the capital, though it can get expensive.


Nottingham UK Destinations Worth Visiting For Christmas


A growing alternative to London’s Winter Wonderland is the traditional Christmas market in Nottingham’s city center. Each year, Nottingham’s Christmas events grow more and more impressive, so much so that many visitors to the UK are opting for the city’s slightly quainter but still interesting experience, as opposed to London’s always busy atmosphere.

Boasting one of the largest ice rinks in the UK directly in the festively decorated market square, Nottingham’s Christmas parties are some of the most anticipated. Additionally, the Christmas market is only a short walk away from the city’s extensive range of shopping center options, restaurants, and attractions, leaving you within walking distance of whatever you need. It’s a win-win.


Bakewell UK Destinations Worth Visiting For Christmas


For individuals that enjoy more scenic and quiet Christmas celebrations, the village of Bakewell is a brilliant choice. Nestled in the center of the Peak District, Bakewell benefits from beautiful surroundings and a homely town atmosphere filled with independent shops and famous baking talents.

Whilst the events that Bakewell host during Christmas vary from year-to-year, they are always community-driven, family-friendly and epitomize the town’s innate charm. In addition, there are evening candlelight tours available for the village’s famous stately home, Haddon Hall. A great choice for anyone who enjoys fresh air, nature, festive cheer and relaxing spaces.


Edinburgh UK Destinations Worth Visiting For Christmas


Moving out of England and into Scotland, Edinburgh is another popular Christmas destination worth considering this year. Hosting all of the common Christmas attractions like Santa’s Grotto, a vast market and a broad selection of free events and occasions, Edinburgh has something for everyone.

Additionally, the city plays host to some incredible attractions that look even more impressive when lit up with festive lights in the evening. Whether you love market stalls and food or tourist attractions and sightseeing, Edinburgh’s Christmas celebrations can cater to you.


Winchester UK Destinations Worth Visiting For Christmas


Last but definitely not least, Winchester’s Cathedral Christmas Market is an absolute must for this list. Universally recognized as one of the most impressive Christmas markets in Europe, this attraction is inspired by the traditional German-style approach and brings in almost half a million visitors a year.

The market itself is nestled in the Cathedral grounds, adding an extra flair to the festive celebrations alongside craft stalls, food and drink and a historic atmosphere. If you want to experience a truly unique Christmas market experience, this is the location for you.

These UK destinations are far from the only available Christmas destinations in the UK, but they are perfect for anyone looking to experience something truly festive this holiday season. Be sure to research the festive events in whatever destination you choose, as every town or city has its local occasions that stand out from the crowd.