So…. you may be thinking about traveling the whole wide and wonderful world! You wish to see the glorious sights that the earth has to offer, whilst you still can. You want to visit the seven wonders of the world, drive Route66 and go swimming with the magnificent marine life in the open waters of Australia. Or you may wish to accomplish your life ambition of climbing the monumental mountains around the globe beginning with Kilimanjaro then conquering Mount Everest. Yes, you want to grab the experiences of life, tightly with both hands and become the ultimate explorer.

Or you could be considering upping sticks, onto pastures new and adopting a life in a more exotic part of the world! You fancy immigrating to tropical climates and abandoning the cold winter weather for eternity and wish to spend the rest of your existence in a place you can enjoy the tranquility of life with total relaxation on a sunny beach. Either way, your mind’s made up and it is time to relocate! The only issue is what do you do with your current property?

Why Not Put Your Property up for Rent?

You have lived a chapter of your life there and made so many of the greatest memories you could ever have hoped for. You are reluctant to let the property go forever and wish to hold onto it as who knows….you could return someday in the near or distant future. Well….has it ever crossed your mind to rent your property out? By doing so, you can hold onto it if you did wish to return one day whilst also transforming your home into a significant extra income. Sounds good right? Well here are a few tips on how you can jet off to pastures new whilst also keeping hold of your property and maximizing your rental income.

Leave Your Property in Pristine Condition

When choosing to rent out your home, it is imperative that everything is in working order. After all, the tenant will be paying you good money to live in your home comfortably and will not want to be faced with any stressful issues. Making sure that everything is working like clockwork will ensure you will avoid any major problems going ahead, which can result in burning a huge hole in your finances later down the line. Rectifying any faults and flaws within the household will save you from having to hire professionals to fix the problems which will cost you a lot of time and cash. This will provide you with the reassurance you will not be faced with any crippling costs and will uphold a good relationship with your tenant.

Invest In a Good Property Manager

Hiring a good property manager does mean that they will take a percentage of your rental income however, by enlisting their expertise, you are gaining valuable experience when it comes to rental price accuracy and much more. The specialists behind advise applying the correct key elements when letting out your home. Also, if you are relocating abroad a professional property management team can keep a close eye on your property and conduct the relevant inspections to make sure the premises are kept in good, clean condition and follow up on any missed rent payments on your behalf. This will provide you with peace of mind and reassurance things are being dealt with in the correct manner.

Be Thorough When Calculating Costs

Be Thorough When Calculating Costs

Be sure to be thorough when calculating all the property costs. After all, you do not want to be hit with any unforeseen, nasty surprises in the future. Take into account costs that are often forgotten such as any particular taxes or owners contributions. Also if advertising the property as all-inclusive, then be sure to differentiate between fixed and variable costs otherwise it could leave you extremely out of pocket. Fixed costs can be charged directly to the client whereas variable costs should be included in a clause that states the calculation will be applied at the expiration of the rental period. Factors such as over usage of gas and electricity, for example, can then be charged to your tenant.

Be Sensible With the Rental Price

It is extremely important to do your research when pricing the rent for your property. Sometimes landlords excessively overprice whilst others fix their price too low and it can result in disputes or a huge hole in your pocket. Overpricing can lead to tenants feeling they are being taken for a fool and overpaying for what they are actually getting, underpricing can result in you suffering considerable losses within your finances. Be smart and price correctly!

Do the Relevant and Important Screening Process Correctly

Now, this is without a doubt the most important element in the rental process. You must screen all potential tenants thoroughly otherwise you could be faced with a tenant who thinks it is ok to live in your home absolutely rent-free! This can lead to debt due to loss of rent, staggering legal fees, and the cost of getting in the bailiffs to remove the tenant from your home. Be sure to look into their background and contact any past landlords or referees they have stated on the application and also ask them for proof of income to be certain they will be capable of paying the rent. When considering a tenant it is a good idea to choose someone who you click with, where there is chemistry evident between the two of you. After all, having a good relationship with your tenant is crucial.

There are many reasons why you may be thinking about renting out your property. Either traveling the world, relocating to a foreign land or you could be just eager to join the property ladder and could use the extra income. Whatever reason, always bear in mind to take the factors mentioned above into account, by doing so you will be ensuring to maximize your rental income and also avoiding any unforeseen, stressful circumstances that may arise in the future. Be smart!