Today, if you sift through the internet, you will be guided through a series of tests that are important for us all. However, one such screening that is often overlooked by a lot of people is none other than the DNA test. In simple words, there are thousands of reasons to take up a DNA test. Depending on the situation, a test could reveal the baby’s gender or inform you about a prospective disease in your body. However, the kind of test that you want to undergo will depend on the reason behind you settling for it. For example, if you are willing to take up a test to prove paternity in the courts of law, the court will make you go through the legal route to get this screening done.

 Similarly, if you are willing to learn about your ancestry or a certain health condition, a home DNA test kit could work as well. If you’re taking the test for your peace of mind, you could easily begin with the process at home. However, if you are on a goal to prove a point legally, things could easily get complicated. Regardless of whatever reason you have, here, we will guide you through the top reasons for why people take up a DNA test:

1.  Forensic Science

A DNA test can be used to identify a person at a crime scene. Especially if someone has been hit or killed, the need for a DNA test will become imperative. This way, the chances of making human errors during the investigation are little. This is why the DNA tests of all the samples available at the crime scene are conducted. In today’s world, a DNA test is the easiest way for people to identify criminals. Because all the criminal records are already available in the system, it becomes easier to catch the real culprits. A DNA test is far better than the fingerprint method in identifying the actual culprits behind the scene. If not blood, the forensic team will use broken nails, hair, skin, or even traces of saliva for DNA testing. So if you’re innocent in a case, a DNA test will help you in walking free with a clean chit from the courtroom.

2.  Learn More About Your Ancestry

Unfortunately, not many people today are interested in learning about their family history, which is why these discussions are never held at home. However, everyone is interested in knowing about where they come from. You will be surprised to know, a DNA test that is taken for ancestry can take you 1000 years back in your family history. This means you can discover several hidden truths about your clan and figure out the information of your interest. When you have the results of these tests in your hand, it will become easier for you to meet lost relatives and spot your cousins. Through a DNA test, you can find links from your past and engage with ancestors. Visit CRI Genetics and book your appointment if you want to get tested professionally.

3. Establish Paternity

One of the leading reasons why many people take the DNA test when they want to establish paternity. For example, through a DNA test, a father can ensure that they’re the parent of the child. Contrary to this, if a woman wants to know about their father of her child, a DNA test will answer all her questions. Now, even top-notch programs like “Paternity Court” are focusing on the importance of DNA testing for people who are interested in establishing paternity. Secondly, if your munchkin is with the child support organization, you will need to go through the DNA test to meet your kid. However, for this to happen, you will need to visit a professional clinic. Home DNA testing is often not considered authentic by such organizations, which is why it is best to settle for a doctor.

4. Disease Screening

There’s no running away from the fact; the world is filled with a plethora of diseases. Traditionally, people weren’t even aware of something called HIV or pneumonia, but now, every health condition is omnipresent. Sometimes, many of us are not even aware of the deadly diseases that we’re carrying in our bodies. If we don’t get checked on time, there is a high chance that our offspring will inherit the same issues. This is why doctors recommend prospective parents to take up the DNA test so that they can rest assured, everything is fine. So the results of a DNA test will reveal to the couple whether or not they should go for having a child. This test is imperative for women who are willing to get screened for paternity. There’s no need to get scared of the DNA test because it can inform you about an impending deadly disease in your life. So once you are aware of it, you can check with a doctor to know about the treatment.

5. DNA in Agriculture

Although it sounds weird, DNA testing has played a central role in improving the quality of crops. If you are aware of the genetic modification, you should know that it plays a strong part in protecting the crops from different diseases. Especially if you have plans to invest in the agricultural sector, the DNA test will help you in protecting your crops from deadly diseases. Secondly, DNA testing can also be used to improve the quality of animal breeds. Now, the modern farmers are using this test to make the plants stronger than ever so that they can withstand insect bites. Every year, thousands of farms are destroyed primarily when insects invade them. Especially in developing nations, the problem with the growing number of insects is a major issue for farms. Luckily, the DNA test has boosted the agricultural sector in a positive way. So the next time somebody tells you to keep away from a DNA test, tell them about the massive changes it has made in different sectors across the globe.