Planning a trip to Nevada? Read this article before you set your foot out.


Nevada is in Las Vegas, a state in the Western area of the USA.  Nevada is considered to be a stress reliever vacation spot. Doesn’t matter what current situation you are in right now, if you want to take a break from all the jibber jabbers of daily life, visit Nevada. It is a terrific place to spend your vacation while on a solo trip. Nevada of Las Vegas has it all, starting from eccentric museums, sites that speak of history, lively entertaining casinos, attractive outdoor activities, expensive shopping locations, and luxurious hotels. I know you all are excited to know about the activities you can do in Nevada, here I go with the top 5 things to do while you are in Nevada, Las Vegas. 

1. Akhob- Las Vegas

Akhob is a mesmerizing, impressive art gallery located in Paradise at the City Centre. An artist from America named James Turrel is behind the beautiful art installation which is enough to make your jaw drop. You will enjoy this the most if you are into art. It’s a cheap place to complete a tour in Nevada. The vibrant colors around you are very much welcoming. What you need to do after entering the art gallery is that you will be put inside an antechamber for a few seconds. They do it because the vibrant color inside the gallery must not affect your eyes, they adjust your pupils to the different lighting of the gallery.

hard rock cafe nevada las vegas

2. Red Rock Canyon- Las Vegas

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation is an amazing spot in the Mojave Desert in Nevada. This place is popular for its red stone peaks and Native American Petroglyphs. You will enjoy this place as it is not noisy at all like the city. Deep conversation while walking with your partner or friends will become good memories for you to cherish it forever. You can take part in all the fun activities such as rock climbing, hiking, horse riding, camping, long drives. 

3. Tiki Room of Frankie- Las Vegas

Frankie’s tiki room is a fun and groovy bar that is Hawaiian-themed. The place will give you a chilled vibe with a creative tiki decoration. You will enjoy the bar very much if your plans are to reunite with your old friends. Catching up properly can be done here while ordering rounds of shots. This bar in Nevada is the best place to chill in at night. Other than cliche drinks you can also try exquisite cocktails as well as gamble. You will have options to try your luck at the casino. While you guys bond, why not play some games? Games like blackjack, video poker, slots, and keno are available. While showing yourself out of the bar, do take a quick look at the gift shop that has souvenirs and trinkets, which you guys can gift each other, to remember the night. 

4. KISS Mini Golf- Las Vegas

The Monster Mini Golf by KISS, which has been inspired by an American rock band, is a glow-in-the-dark indoor mini-golf course.know about latitude in las vegas. You will enjoy it mainly with your friends while searching for a place to just relax, listen to some good music and do men’s stuff: play golf. The brightly colored lights and paints on the wall bring out the blackness of the night and scream ‘party time’. The things you can try there are the arcade games if you are bored with golf set up. You can definitely set the stage on fire with the lively music, and check out KISS memorabilia there.

5. Lion Habitat Ranch Inc – Las Vegas

Animal lovers do not get upset, as you can witness some wild animals like lions and giraffes together. No! They are separately kept, usually, we don’t see prey and predators in the same room. But Lion Habitat gives the opportunity to appreciate nature. You can enjoy it with anyone you like, friends, family, or partner. They have tour packages which depend upon what you want to do. Try different types of food specially cinnamon rolls las vegas. There are many activities that you dive into, such as you can feed the lions and giraffes from your hands directly. They are all tamed, no need to panic. You can explore the entire zoo with a guide. Oh! There a]is a giraffe named Ozzie, he can paint. The best thing you will see there is how much love the beautiful animals get from the trainers and care tackers. Even Chrimas is one of the best time in Las vegas.

Closing Thoughts 

Nevada is definitely a place to visit. It has so many activities with a lot of options that will bring the child out of you. Las Vegas is not only about casinos, yes the casinos are the attraction but if you dig deeper, you will find a lot of things otherwise. Here are 5 things you should do in Nevada when you visit Las Vegas. Leave a comment down below in the comment section to share your experience with us.