The wardrobe staple makes for a sporty, retro, and rustic appearance besides being a fashion statement. People of varying ages can wear & style leggings as outer or innerwear.

You’ll find women pairing them up with tops, boots, skirts, and denim jackets. In fact, these days, women wear and style leggings not merely as casual wear but as workout clothes because they’re comfortable and stretchable. At times, figuring how to wear and style leggings in a flattering and stylish manner can be frustrating while other times you might be clueless about pairing them with other outfit elements to achieve a fashionable look.

At Arrizel Fitness Wear, you don’t need to worry about finding your size. Whether you want footed or short leggings, there’s a wide range of options from which to choose. You’ll even obtain expert guidance on how to wear them. If you’re confused about how to wear this clothing item, this guide offers insight on the mistakes to avoid.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Leggings


●       Wear a short top

Leggings aren’t pants, so you must wear longer tops. This way, you’ll achieve a more sophisticated and streamlined look.

●       Wear light colors on fuller figures

The fact is light colors make you appear bigger, so fuller figures should probably stick to neutrals and darker colors. Even if you don’t have a full figure, avoid wearing lighter leggings than what you have on the top half. This will give your bottom half a more prominent look.

●       Wear shiny fabrics or bright colors

While shiny or brightly colored leggings are commonplace, this isn’t a good idea. Unless you’re going to a yoga class or the gym, you’d rather stick to neutral, dark tones. Dark tones will flatter your body while elongate your silhouette.

You should also avoid wearing leggings that are of a similar color to your skin. This could make you look as though you’re not wearing anything on the lower half.

●       Wear tight tops

Layering is crucial when wearing leggings. When pulling off an outfit, you want to create a long silhouette with the top. Wearing a tight outfit on the top and bottom isn’t flattering. Instead, go for long-line blazers and flowing tops.

You’ll draw the eye upwards, making you appear leaner. In the event that you decide to pair your leggings with a tight top, consider a kimono jacket, long-length cardigan, or button-up shirt.


●       Layer

This is the most flattering way of wearing leggings. Pair them with a floaty blouse and cropped jacket.

●       Use Bright Colors and Patterns Carefully

Be extremely careful when wearing patterned or brightly colored leggings. Rather, pair them with neutrals or simple colors on top. If you decide to wear a patterned or bright top or dress, go with simple or neutral leggings. Too much color will yield an unflattering look.

●       Select shoes carefully

Flats aren’t ideal with leggings unless you’re tall. You can make your legs look longer with a good pair of heeled boots or wedges.

Types of Leggings

Knee length

The short leggings mostly function as exercise apparel for yoga, gym, and jogging. They’re shorter than the calf-length, typically sitting below the knee’s crease.


Women wear these leggings in place of jeans because they’re comfortable. The best time to wear them is during winter with ankle-length boots. They reach the ankles, are versatile, and rather popular. You can pair them with tunics, dresses, or shirt-dresses.

While leggings are comfortable and trendy attire, knowing how to wear them makes all the difference in your overall look. If you don’t know where to start, these tips will guide you.