Every woman wants to rock lingerie that makes her feel sexy. Thanks to diversity, there are endless plus-size lingerie type for women. The shapes range from triangle, oval, round, eight, hourglass, inverted triangle, among others. You must be curious about which category suits you. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

The dimensions only suggest the comparative proportions of women size. What matters is being able to understand which category you fall into. Getting sexy and satiating plus size lingerie can be stressful. However, you can cut down the worries if you know which lingerie brings out the best in you.

Here are some tips on ideal plus size lingerie sets to try if you’re a plus-size woman.

1.      Baby doll

Baby doll lingerie is a nightdress fitted with a bra. If you’re a plus-size woman, the delicate dress looks amazing on your body. It enhances the shape of your breasts without wearing a bra. The plus size lingerie has adjustable straps that provide added comfort and a flattering fit.

You can choose a baby doll nightie that suits your preference in terms of color, size, lace, and brand. Baby doll lingerie never goes wrong for plus-size women.

2.      Negligees

Negligees entered the market in the 18th century. The lingerie is associated with romance and femininity.

Negligees are flattering on any figure, including plus-size women. You don’t have to worry about your outflows in shapes or size, the lingerie makes you feel sexy and brings out your femininity. You can wear the lingerie on your undergarments or alone.

3.      Romper

A romper brings in a fun and a youthful feel to the wearer. The high cut of lingerie helps draw attention to your legs. You can choose a plus size lingerie romper that details the areas you wish to accentuate.

The lingerie is suitable for plus-size women as it’s a comfortable fit and brings a combination of sexy and fun.

4.      High neck half-cup plunge bra and lace thong

The lingerie provides you with a flattering lift and shapes your bust. When matched with a plus-size thong, it’s a perfect suit for special occasions or a night out.

If you’ve got a big bust, a little lifting and shaping can bring out a sexy figure. Try out the high neck half-cup plunge bras as they’re comfortable and accentuate a good feeling.

5.      Shapewear

The trick is to maximize your shape while maintaining a sexy look. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little shape to your curves or busts.

Shapewear lingerie takes a different form, including full body stockings or tucking shorts. Alternatively, they can also fit as seamless bras or panties. You can boost your confidence as well with shapewear lingerie.


Sexy plus size lingerie is hard to find in the market. It can be discouraging for plus size women who want to rock sexy looks and feel good.

You can, however, try the rompers, baby doll, and negligees, among the others listed above. The fits are ideal for plus size women as they attach a flattery look and don’t emphasize on the flaws.