The two most exciting parts of shopping for a wedding are buying the wedding gown itself and
of course, the wedding bands. Nevertheless, going out to the jewelers to pick the perfect wedding bands can
be a nerve-racking time for you and your spouse due to the myriad of choices available on offer.

Choosing what ring to wear is an important decision not to be rushed because it is an item to be
worn for a lifetime. There are many options to choose from. Unfortunately, you cannot buy all of
them. Most bands, however, come in the traditional yellow or white gold, or platinum.

However, more metallic rings are beginning to make the ” I Do ” list with recent wedding band
selections coming in titanium as well as tungsten carbide. These options opened up in today’s
wedding environment with more couples looking for rings with more durability.

Tungsten wedding bands, in particular, have come in for some scrutiny with lots of myth as
well as misinformation being circulated on the media. Now is the time to separate facts from

Facts and Fiction about Tungsten Wedding Bands

1. These bands aren’t typically pure tungsten

Contrary to popular opinion, tungsten jewelry is not made out of pure tungsten. This is
impossible. Tungsten comes in powder form and needs a binding agent to take shape. That is
why tungsten rings are made with a combo of tungsten as well as carbon atoms to form tungsten

2. It is not hell taking them off

Another popular opinion which is also untrue is that tungsten wedding bands are impossible to
take off in a critical situation with the usual cutters. There is nothing more deceitful than this.
Tungsten would not be a wedding band of choice for consumers if they were impossible to

There are tools with immense grip capable of breaking the band. This is typically done in
situations where an injury is to be prevented or treatment received. The downside is that the ring
will be permanently damaged.

3. You shouldn’t be scared of allergic reactions

With cobalt, there is admittedly a possibility of a reaction, especially where the jewelry is worn
for a long time. The oxidization from sweat can cause discoloration, and for people with sensitive skin, it is advisable to check out the metal combination before purchase. However, a mix of tungsten and nickel is 100% hypoallergenic, which means there are no reactions or side effects.

4. They won’t cost you your head

Tungsten jewelry is generally cheaper than the traditional precious metals such as gold or silver.
An average tungsten ring cost less than $500. However, tungsten inlaid with precious stones can
cost quite a fortune. Tungsten indeed has a scratch-proof quality, but this does not mean it cannot
be engraved upon. A laser engraving tool can be used to customize your tungsten jewelry to your


In all, jewels made out of tungsten carbide have a glossy sheen that is akin to platinum. They last
longer and are known not to fade after wearing for a long time. Your wedding ring is one of the loudest statements of love you can make to your spouse. This is why you can’t risk getting it wrong. Splendid jewelry presents you with the perfect collection of tungsten wedding bands that would serve as a dazzling emblem of love on the finger of your loved one.