Holi is nearing, a beautiful festival involving just not colors but hues of love, trust and bonding. But with the festival of colors around the corner, there’s also a spell of rain in many parts of India. It can be speculated that we may get a chance to enjoy this Holi with Rang barse as well as Jal barse (dipped in hues as well as splash of rain). So, with the rain pouring what could be the added perks this Holi.

1. For a change enjoy real lash down in this colorful festive season of Holi.

2. This time even if you missed to arrange passes for rain dance you definitely don’t need to bother.


3. You can get a rare chance to color your love again and again since the rain favoring in draining it off.

4. No need to convert your home into water storage tank with every single bucket and vessels spilled.

5. Better get rid of colors in the rain itself. Not only you will spare more time enjoying rain but also you are stockpiling water. Wow!


6. No LOOT on that kid’s water balloons which took him hours to fill.

7. Like every year you won’t get any notification to stop wasting water.

After so much planning done let’s just hope this Holi is accompanied by Rains!