It’s a girl! These three words can turn a priceless moment of embracing a new life into an oblivion scenario with dispirited kins. Yes, even today the desire to have baby boy dominates the shrink mentality of so many, as we all know. But do we know the fact that if out of their desire a baby girl is born, she is even killed, brutally.

Some abort or abandon girl child which doesn’t make them less culprit. Birth of a girl is curse for them and such people put humanity to shame and don’t hesitate at all to get rid of them.

According to United Nations 200 million girls are missing in the world today.

India and China have a higher rate of female infanticide than the number of girls born in America. This video by Shadowline Films is a wake up call. Though experts and activists advocate different paths towards change, collectively they lament on the lack of effective action against this injustice.


Not all girls are lucky like you and me, otherwise they would have existed and survived.