Top-rated video makers can increase your sales. Find out the seven secrets of successful video marketing.

It is a known fact that video marketing is an effective way to build your brand’s presence and reach the target audience. The statistics reveal that 83% of marketers say that video has become a more significant part of marketing than ever before. In the age of Instagram and YouTube, it is quite evident that video content reigns supreme.

Right from advertising a product to boosting your customer engagement or expanding your social media reach, there’s no doubt that video marketing has taken the world by its thunder! All that is required is the right digital marketing strategy and a quality video maker.

However, the question still remains—what makes a video great, and what keeps the audience engaged? Is it the compelling narrative or the eye-candy visuals? Or maybe it’s all about the precise viewers at the right moment.

So we have listed seven secrets to creating successful video content to help you get started and discover for yourself.

1. A good story equals a good video

Storytelling is the most important factor in video marketing. Humans crave stories. A compelling anecdote can tick all the boxes because they will engage and invest once your viewers are intrigued. The human brain processes images faster than texts, which is the quickest way to get your story into the viewer’s mind.

There are various types of videos out there. Some tell audiences the story behind their brand, while others share their customer’s success. But the journey to creating a super successful video is by infusing a story. Whether you are making a process video, customer testimonial video, explainer video, or product reveal video, try to start with a story.

You will need to incorporate a storyline using an effective script to promote a compelling video. A script is essential for any marketing video, as it helps to ensure that the content is concise, clear, and on-brand. There are a few steps that should be followed for script writing for an explainer video. First, start by creating a general outline of the video’s key points. Next, flesh out the details of each scene, including the visuals and dialogue. Finally, revise and polish the script to ensure that it is error-free. By following these steps, you can be confident that your explainer video will be engaging and effective.

2. The first few seconds

Did you know the average attention span has been reduced to 8.5 seconds? So if you want your viewers to engage in your video, ensure the kind of content they are looking for and understand why and how it impacts their lives.

Apart from the story and the message, another most important part of the video is the first few seconds into it. It determines whether the viewer will watch the video till the end. To engage, set the tone right from the beginning. If you fail to win their attention, the audience will skip your video. Getting it right from the very start and providing your viewer with the appropriate answer to their issues is highly essential.

You can begin by revealing something. Create a video with the help of a good video maker so that your audience is glued to their screens. Since the attention span is quite small nowadays, you need to find something extraordinary within the first few seconds. An interesting thumbnail is also beneficial in grabbing attention as it can enhance the play rate.

3. Know your audience

If you think you already know your audience base without interaction, then perhaps you are wrong.

There’s no secret that people have varied tastes and interests, which means you may need to tailor your video content accordingly. For example, suppose you are dealing with a company delivering education across the country. In that case, you can come up with video content that deals with teacher training programs or curriculum development methods.

It’d be for your own good to know your audience and speak with them. Like, if the viewers are interested in a certain topic of success, then be sure to deliver an engaging perspective to them.

Simply start by asking yourself why the audience is watching your video content. Do they want to be entertained or educated? On which social media platform are your potential customers?

4. Optimize your video content

One of the secrets to successful video marketing is optimizing your content. Using keywords can attract billions of viewers. In order to rank better and higher, you can include the main keyword in the title and keep the title below 66 characters. Add keywords in your descriptions as well. Also, avoid mentioning too many keywords. The idea is to help the audience know what the video is about.

5. Give it a call-to-action

Be sure to optimize your video content with a call-to-action (CTA). Including a call-to-action may not directly lead to sales or sign-ups but asking to like, share, and subscribe helps a lot. A CTA can be mentioned anywhere, in the beginning, middle, or end, depending on the type of content.

Experts say that mentioning a CTA in the middle increases the conversion rate comparatively, with 16.95% compared to 10.98% at the end.

Video CTAs can include:

  • Like or follow your page
  • Share with friends
  • Comment on the video
  • Check other contents

A CTA leads the viewers to a relevant website. Since they are already watching your video, they might click on the link. This will increase the conversion rate.

6. Collaborations

Another successful video marketing idea is collaborations with influencers and other brands. About 90% of the people trust peer suggestions and recommendations over a brand’s ad.

When a trusted celebrity or influencer promotes a brand, it leaves an impact on our minds. It is because of the loyalty and the personal touch added by these famous figures. Additionally, the influencer’s followers might be interested in your product and services and can help you reach the desired goal.

7. Sound effects

Sound effects are helpful for the video, but individuals often watch videos with sound off. No doubt, such videos perform quite well since they grasp the viewers’ attention even if it has no sound. You can also prepare videos with both sounds on and off. Some of the top video makers allow you to write captions in the video itself, so you can add captions one slide after another.

Don’t forget to add interactive visuals, subtitles, descriptions, and colourful captions to convey your message.

Wrap Up

Today, video is the perfect way for marketers to reach people. Creating videos and conveying your brand’s message has become easier than ever before. Businesses share high-quality content nowadays. As part of your video marketing strategy, go ahead, apply these tips, and experiment with a couple of projects.

We hope these seven secrets of successful video marketing will help you achieve the goal for which you are hungry!