South Korean singer Psy broke the Internet in 2012 with his over-the-top “Gangnam Style” video, and now he uploaded the music video for his latest song “Daddy” to his official YouTube channel. In it, the K-pop goofball plays both an old man and a creepy looking little boy. The song features fellow artist CL of the band 2NE1 and Ha Ji-won. It is sort of a reverse tribute to’s “I Got It From My Mama.” But where the video opens with close-up shots of gorgeous models, “Daddy” kicks off with creepy shots of Psy’s face superimposed on a baby’s body. “Where’d you get that body from?” asks CL, with Psy answering in an auto-tuned chorus, “I got it from my daddy.”

Already, it has amassed more than 4.5 million views. Impressive, sure, but a far cry from the record-setting 2.5 billion views that “Gangnam Style” earned. Of course, it is still early.


If Psy’s latest contribution to the music scene takes off—and it looks like it might—it looks like we will all have a nice alternative to repetitive Christmas music this holiday season. Watch it here!