Having a baby is one of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life. This is what binds them together, more than ever. So, when it’s the news of your friend or close family member having a baby soon, you start thinking about what can be the best gift for parents to be. And, if the parents are already planning a baby shower in between, looking for a perfect gift becomes all the more important.

When the couple is pregnant and expecting a baby soon, the party that is thrown for them by their friends and family is called a baby shower. The concept of ‘baby shower’ may have originated in the 14th-15th century in ancient Greek. 

Needless to say, baby showers that we see or visit these days have gracefully evolved. Today, it has turned out to be an important event for the parents-to-be who celebrate it with great pomp and show. 

So, when the occasion is so special, there has to be a gift. And, there are so many unexplored gift ideas that one can adopt for baby showers. 

If you as a couple or a friend or family member of one are looking to gift something unique and meaningful to the parents-to-be, the following ideas can be your best bet.

1. Gifting a crib or a changing table 

When it comes to gifting something to an infant, the first thing that pops up in the mind is a crib. It is one of the most useful and thoughtful gift ideas for a baby shower. There are several types of cribs today. You can find unique and well-crafted cribs for babies on the internet as well as in stores. Do your research and purchase the right one. 

One problem here is that since the crib is an obvious choice and gift idea, a lot of other guests may also give the same gift. Or the parents may already have one. In that case, you can go for certain accessories for the crib, such as a mattress. It is also essential and is as generous as the crib! 

Apart from the crib, you can also gift the parents-to-be a changing table. It is a thoughtful gift, as it is a nursery staple and can be put to good use. So, consider buying something that the parents-to-be will love. 

2. Onesies

Onesies, though one of the oldest ideas have always been in the trend. It is still considered one of the best gifts for the baby. The best thing about onesies is that you get a wide spectrum of options to choose from. 

Onesies for kids come in various designs, styles, materials and sizes. You can also flaunt your creativity by personalizing these onesies. Custom-made onesies can come in numerous colors and designs of your choice. Further, you can also add relatable text or images on the custom-made onesies; print something memorable or a name tag on the onesie. So, it makes a great gift idea for a baby shower.

3. A baby name-book

Choosing a name for the baby is perhaps a challenging task. A lot of parents get perplexed just narrowing down a few options! This is where a baby name book offers a list of common and some unique name ideas for newborns. As thoughtful as this gift is, it can also be used if the couple decides to have another baby in the future. Some name books also come with descriptions and the meaning of the names. So, it is recommended that you select such books so that it is convenient for the parents. 

4. A cute baby shower surprise video

Another significant gift idea is a surprise baby shower video gift. You can virtually gather close friends and family members of the parents-to-be and ask them to record video messages in the form of parenting advice, best wishes, and so much more. It will surely turn out to be the best keepsake, which the couple/parents-to-be will cherish forever.  Adorn this video with a cute baby song and other attractive baby stuff to create that feel for everyone present.

The best part about this gift is you don’t need any technical skills to make one. With the help of easy-to-use tools, you can personalize this video with your unique touch, gifting the parents-to-be the cutest baby shower gift ever.

5. A gift basket

Gift hampers or baskets are considered the most aesthetic and unique gifting idea! You can get creative and quirky while choosing a gift for the new parents-to-be! The concept is simple. As couples have to spend hours finding the right essential items for babies, you can choose all such essential items for them, put them in a picturesque hamper or basket and you’re good to go. A gift basket can easily draw attention as it reflects artistry and subtleness! 

You can also throw in a couple of stuffed toys along with the essentials for the baby. Stuffed toys are great for the baby to play with and are safe as well.

6. Rocking chair

Raising a kid is a taxing job, especially for the mother. A rocking chair is something nobody’s going to expect and it is a gift for the mother. It can help the mother relax as she comforts the baby and gets him/her to sleep. Make sure you choose an arresting and sturdy chair for the mother. You can also gift them a baby monitor to keep an eye on the baby. This will offer peace of mind to the parents. 

Bottom Line

As you go about choosing the right kind of gift for a baby shower, make sure you research well in order to make the right choice.