While one survey by Forbes revealed that just 5% of employees even cared about an office holiday party, preferring a cash bonus or a raise instead, others have found that most people still look forward to the annual office holiday party, with more than half noting they’d be at least somewhat disappointed, and 24 percent saying they’d be very disappointed if it was cancelled.

If you’re searching for ideas to create a memorable office holiday party that guests will truly enjoy, you can wow them with these simple but fun ideas.

Get Festive

Get festive by decking out the office with some winter wonderland themed decor. A holiday party without the decorations is just a party. No need to get too fancy or spend a lot of money, a hobby store or even the supermarket often has plenty of options to create a fun atmosphere. Or, you could collaborate with the staff and create DIY holiday crafts – kind of a win, win when it comes to team building too. Bringing people together is what the season is all about.

Set up an area with games or cards to help break the ice. Even better: encourage guests to bring their favorite classic board games.


Food is a key factor in any great party. Create a display with an array of both sweet and savory holiday treats. Set up a table with everyone’s’ favorite classic snack staples — just add a holiday twist.

One thing that has never failed to keep people happy? Cheese and crackers. Start your display with a variety of cheese, crackers, meat and fruit. A tiered platter is excellent for both aesthetics and saving space, but any large plate, snack tray or even a cutting board will do. It will go by fast, so feel free to go crazy with the crackers, don’t cheap out on the cheese, and stock up on the meat. Keep it simple by including just couple of each: ideas include rosemary crackers and thin baguettes, cheddar and gouda (or baked brie if you’re feeling fancy), salami and prosciutto, as well as jam, grapes or sliced apples to top it all off.

Be sure to include some healthy options in your snack station and perhaps a few items for those who are on special diets. Set aside an area for hot food, of course, that cooler holiday weather calls for delicious, warm savory snacks. Slow-cookers are a great option to prepare warm appetizers for the entire evening. Meatballs, bacon-wrapped dates, jalapeno poppers, spinach artichoke dip; get creative on classic recipes.

Sweet Treats

Many people look forward to those delectable sweet treats over the holidays, which means dessert is essential to any good holiday party. Provide snack-sized classics such as sugar cookies, mini cupcakes, etc. You might even add a DIY hot cocoa station. Start with cocoa packets and hot water, then set aside bowls or mason jars with delicious additions like candy canes, marshmallows, and whipped cream.