We, the millennial women, are eyeing that extremely happy human beings with-in their self inner joy are appreciably different than –

  • Angry, chary, frustrating, concavely turned, and insecure kind of folks!
  • Who doesn’t relish in peace and harmony with themselves and other guys?

When life coaches like Michael Mantell say that –


You grow as what you feed,


We must perceive that positive roots are assuredly the ominous constituents for living an optimal life.

Kindness and empathy trigger the highest levels of happiness; when you wish others to relieve human affliction.

What drives people to:

  • donate their extra clothes,
  • even making charities to NGOs,
  • serving toys to street kids, and…
  • helping elderly persons crossing the road?

Contemporary neuroscience studies about depression, anxiety, and fear, but why can’t it learn and educate about compassion – Dalai Lama once challenged to Richard Davidson, a psychology professor.

When you do helpful things for others, you get inner peace and calm. That’s the reward of this compassion feeling, so you should be doing it more and more.

But why are millennial women so unhappy?

Is it a men’s world?

Doesn’t the culture mind so much if we are unhappy?

A survey of Girlguiding organization revealed that just 25 percent of girls from the age group of 7-to-21 are really happy.


A 16% decline from the year 2009!


Women’s anxiety comes from eating disorders, inferiority complex, men’s violence, and their looks concerns.

  1. A 2016’s UK report (by The Good Childhood) found out that nearly 7 lac girls aged 10-to-15 are not very happy about their appearance, and 14 percent of them are not content with their overall lives.

Reportedly, a gender gap is also rising on how young women perceive themselves.

  1. Girls sense compelled by the boys to look a nice way. It can result in girls going into a depression state and make girls feel sorry.
  2. This stress begins largely from social media. Social media, especially Instagram, puts immense pressure on the young generation to be visible in the public domain, to show their activities from a very young age, and be ready for the reactions in terms of likes, comments, and shares.They aspire to attain a Jennifer Lawrence or Selena Gomez likes of body-image, which is usually nonsensical.With the countless hours spent on Instagram having a slight feeling of social acceptance, loneliness gets a space in you.


A Change is required at this moment…

Do you feel the same?

It’s common to be unhappy at some times, but it shouldn’t be common, not trying to get rid out of this nasty belief.

If you’re one of those who don’t enjoy every bit of life, you need a change – a sort of holiday.

  • Holiday from your seriousness!
  • Holiday from your looks pressure!
  • Holiday from your obsession with happiness!

It may sound like a coherent task, but if you pay attention, your mind would easily adapt to this.

It’s true for every aspect of your life. If you’re not enjoying every moment and everything in your surroundings, you need an intrinsic stimulus to change the poisonous attitude with-in you.

No positive changes come to existence without seriously trying.

We often feel sad by something, from someone else’s habits, some political chaos, and think that what we can do to remedy this.

Surely, we can! We can’t change the existence and people, but we can change our perspective and our attitude.

It’s the key to bring the transformation –

Wouldn’t change anything if you can’t be the change.

Absolute pleasure is an alive mindset that everyone must conceive for themselves.

Try some of these simple, prompt, mood-lifting tasks.

  1. If you think you feel a little bit less confident every morning, try on putting your favorite outfit, which can help you walk out of the street with more confidence.
  2. Take a moment in the morning to stretch and breathe deeply for a couple of minutes. Regular practice will make you do this even for longer. It will feel you calmer, focused, and ready to go spot-on with achieving everything you wish.
  3. Make a gratitude list of everything you’re grateful for. You can include the best things happened to you and the people who matter most to you on this list.Sounds cheesy? Maybe, but it drives your mind from negativity to positivity.
  4. Feel freedom. Spend some time alone. You didn’t realize, but you need some time for yourself! When you get overwhelmed, step away, and shut your mind down. Go to a coffee shop or in a park or for a long drive. Indulge yourself time to slip away, relax, and recharge.
  5. Talk to someone special. It could be your partner, your mom, a college friend, a co-worker, or find an online life coach – prefer the most caring person you can think of. Just a fleet pep talk from such a guy can dramatically elevate your morale.
  6. NO Alcohol, Caffeine, and Smoking.


Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants that can keep you from falling asleep. Alcohol can make you wake in the night, interfering with sleep quality.


  1. See your mom cooking or cook yourself – I feel so happy and carefree when my mom cooks for me. The pleasant smell takes me back to the old memories, and that’s all we need sometimes.
  2. It’s no puzzle that the diet you take affects how you feel. A healthier diet (rather than junk food) can make you feel fresh.

Do you love chocolates? Take dark chocolate – they contain tryptophan, helping to reduce depression.


  1. Pet an animal. Cats? It releases likes of serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin hormones, which do the feel-good work by lowering cortisol, the stress producer.
  2. Love music and melodies? Yes, your favorite harmonies and songs can make your brain releasing dopamine chemicals, which forwards the feel-good vibrations to the entire body parts.

Ladies, you don’t have to seek happiness from others. And, you don’t have to spend a lot on fashion, mark-up, traveling to get out of unhappiness. If you adore them, you’re welcome, but the power is in yourself to shift your mood from insipid state to delight state.