Fire resistant clothes prevent fire to be spread all over the body of the wearer. The special fabric is designed in such a way that it can resist flames and protect wearers. Actually, the clothes are self-extinguisher. That means if you are being exposed to an intermittent flame source and your clothes catch fire, it will automatically extinguish itself. And nowadays, women are also involved in such kinds of jobs where these kinds of clothes are needed. So women’s FR clothing is also equally important as that of men’s. Some of the dangerous occupations that require such clothes for the safety of women are:

Women workers for oil and gas industries:

This is one of the biggest risky work areas where blasts and accidental deaths have become common. Vehicles collisions are most common here. This is due to the exhaustion of workers while working. This types of machineries are loud and have strong vibrations. Workers always remain exposed to toxic chemicals and gases, which may lead to serious physical traumas and troubles to the workers.

And last but not the least; there is a constant risk of explosions. So here FR clothes are a must for the worker’s safety. As females are also working here, so they also need those.

Women workers in the electric utility line:

Electrical works have always been a risky job. Electrical utility line deals with electrical works on high towers, high electrical posts, and lamp posts and other electrical line supplying plus wiring. Apart from these, the workers also face hazardous gases during welding and cutting.

In fact, they always pose to life risk as they work around high voltage materials. Girls need FR clothes as the fabric of those clothes are bad conductor of electricity. Special gears and special FR clothes make them safe on the job.

Women workers for chemical plants:

Explosions are more likely to be occurring in chemical plants due to various chemical reactions, flammable gases and chain reactions. Workers are often exposed to high temperatures due to hot surfaces and radiations. Extreme cold is another thermal risk. Any mechanical failure or oxygen deprivation or any toxic gas leakage can create a nuisance and risk the lives of workers. So female workers in chemical plants also need FR clothes for their own safety.

Women workers in the pulp and paper industry:

Workers in pulp and paper industry face their own kinds of risks. They are always exposed to chemicals like sulphuric acid, ethanol and sodium hydroxide fumes which cause serious respiratory problems. Working with heavy machines or big roles of paper poses a threat of being crushed or falling. There is also a risk of being exposed to flames, being scalded or electrocuted while making paper. Female workers in this industry also need FR clothes.

Women electricians:

Electricians face extreme dangers like height, electric shocks of high voltages and hazardous substances like asbestos, lead, mold and chemical solvents. They work in high altitudes, which is a big risk. They also work in environments of high temperatures. They also face risks while welding and cutting and due to intake of gases while doing them.

They may also suffer from eye injuries from flying particles and during welding. The most important risk is working in high voltage surroundings. So female electricians require FR clothes that can save them from these risks.


FR clothes are the most necessary items for the people who work in those industries and occupations which have fiery accidents. Of course, women also need these clothes as well. The latest designs of FR clothes are more comfortable and specially designed for females. So the women who work in such a risky place must wear FR clothes.