To many classical music fans, one instrument that you need to see played live is the piano. Piano players share a special connection with this instrument. Some people are known to have played this when they were young children, and they are tutored to become the best players in the world. Others seem to have a simple love for the keys and notes it produces. Nevertheless, technology has given us an invention called the keyboard.

Keyboards are known to have originated from the harpsichord. This instrument had a row of strings that produce sounds when plucked or struck by a quill. The modern day piano has its origins in the clavichord, where it is said to have developed around 1700 AD. A number of musical instruments today do not require a player to have a certain skill in playing it. All you need to do is just push the keys and enjoy the sounds it produces. In today’s article, we will provide you with some facts about one of these instruments: electric keyboards.

Keyboards are one of the many inventions brought about by improving the nature of the already existing instrument, and some even prefer this one over the original. This development is partly because of the music changing with the times, and there may be other reasons for this. However, a specific set of people still wonder what makes these keyboards unique from their older brothers.

What Are Electric Keyboards?

In the simplest of words, the electronic keyboard is the technologically advanced version of the piano. While pianos rely on themselves and the acoustics of a room to play notes, electricity is used to power up the sounds of an electronic keyboard.

However, the keyboard can refer to any electrical version of keyboard instruments. This may include stage pianos, synthesizers, and organs. Despite this, most artists nowadays prefer the use of synthesizers or keyboards with synthesizers. Therefore, it is no surprise that these alternatives are prioritized as music today carries a specific sound. Not only that but there is also the desire to find a unique sound for the artist.

Manufacturers of these types of keyboards have made it a point to never make the same sounds as each other. They choose to produce one sound at a time and ensure that each sound is not only unique but also has a specific tone or pitch. Some even go as far as creating a special instrument for their artist, which can be drawn from a large number of different sounds.

This proves that the modern day keyboard is a far cry from its ancestor in terms of design and function. However, people who have not tried out a piano or a keyboard in their lives may find this hard to believe, especially when they see them side by side. Another difference is the electric keyboards do not require players who are well-trained in the art to play them. All you need is just an idea of what you want, and it can be easily produced with enough knowhow of its functions.

Despite this, it is also essential to know that this is probably not for you if you’re looking for a piano. People who have learned piano or played at or attended concerts specific to pianos know that the sound is different. In addition, things such as the atmosphere and acoustics are essential for avid players and listeners.

Why Should I Get One?

You may be thinking it would be pointless for people to try and get themselves a new keyboard. Instead, why not spend on a piano which you and your friends and family can enjoy? This may be true, but there are some things you can’t ignore when it comes to this electrical alternative. The first of which is incredibly obvious.

Portability Is King!

One of the strengths of getting yourself a keyboard is its portability, which is better understood when looking at a piano.

By the looks of a grand piano, you may find that this takes up a large amount of space. Some people are fortunate enough to have this kind of space to accommodate this piano, but there is the design aspect to consider. Placing it in a cramped room isn’t the best thing to do here either.

To counter this, people opt to buy an upright piano which is the rectangular version of the grand piano. This saves so much space, but there is a problem when it comes to moving this piano. This is still pretty heavy if you wish to do some redesigning at home for yourself or an event happening here.

With the keyboard, not only do you need less space, but you can practically bring this anywhere. Of course, some people are indifferent because this still needs electricity to power up, but in today’s time, sockets and plugs are everywhere.

What’s Your Budget?

Naturally, the electric keyboard is much cheaper than any grand or upright piano on the market today. So it’s understandable that you want to exhibit some sort of luxury in your home, but you must also be practical about what you can afford. Along with this, you have other costs at home to consider.

Not being careful about these things will significantly affect how you live your life, so it is important to spend within your means.

Are You A Producer?

To many millennials of this age, music has now become an essential thing in their lives. As a result, some have taken the path of hard work and persistence to become successful musical artists. Yet, despite this, they need to produce music that is both unique and perfect for the current time.

The keyboard can help you achieve this as many come with synthesizers that either perfect or distort the notes to your desire. In hindsight, musicians are much like scientists today, experimenting and manipulating the beat and rhythm of their songs to match the mood of their themes or lyrics.

For aspiring or already successful producers, this is one tool that they should use. But, unfortunately, the regular piano doesn’t have this potential in them.

Once again, grand and upright pianos are very different when compared to portable keyboards. However, this doesn’t mean that people can’t use them to produce much more than any piano can ever do. Therefore, especially in the current time, you should consider getting yourself a keyboard today.