In the past, the usage or even the possession of the Marijuana plant or its derivatives were considered unsafe and illegal due to psychoactive effects that directly affect the mind.  Fast forward to today, the world’s view on the derivatives of the cannabis plant has drastically changed. It’s time to get an introduction, or a re-introduction, to CBD beauty products or cannabidiol (a hemp-derived compound from the hemp plant).

These days, the use of CBD as a breakthrough ingredient in newly-launched beauty products offers exciting results, more specifically skin benefits.  Are you interested in introducing CBD beauty products to your daily routine?  Here are some ideas to consider.

Effects and Benefits of CBD in Beauty Products

With its growing trends in the skincare and cosmetic industry, beauty products have incorporated CBD as a new ingredient and offer promising effects with continued use.  These are the benefits of CBD beauty products.

  • Treating Acne and preventing breakouts
  • Minimizing oiliness
  • Providing a boost of vitamins
  • Moisturizing and conditioning the face
  • Reducing puffiness
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Alleviating pain
  • Calming tired skin
  • Brightening skin for a healthy glow
  • Slows down aging

Introducing CBD Beauty Products to Your Routine

If you’re like some people, you are always on the hunt for new and potent beauty skincare and cosmetics that will help you achieve that flawless face and body.  Of course, who wouldn’t love healthy, glowing skin, right?  Flawless skin is said to be the basic foundation of beauty.

Are you ready to introduce CBD products into your daily routine?  Let us explore the new world of CBD beauty products and use these in your beauty regimen.

  • Wash your face until it is squeaky clean

A clear, acne-free face and skin is a dream because having clear, healthy skin will make you look beautiful even without makeup.  You easily can achieve this by doing step 1- washing your face.  Washing the face should be done in both your morning routine meaning upon waking and evening routine or before going to bed at night.  In addition, beauty gurus would also recommend for you to exfoliate your face at least 1-2 times a week.  This will remove deep-seated oils and dirt from the face.  Find a facial wash that is gently exfoliating.

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

After washing the face, the skin loses oils that were washed away.  You will know this because your face will feel tight to the touch after drying off on a towel.  Immediately after washing, you must moisturize your face.  It is, therefore, important to use CBD beauty products like moisturizers, and creams in order to bring back those healthy oils into your face.  Moisturizing the face will make your facial skin soft, smooth and supple.  Moisturizing is one of the best benefits of CBD oil.  When using a moisturizer or a cream, you need to let it stay for about 5-10 minutes before moving on to your next step to allow the product to be absorbed well into the skin.  Here is a list of CBD products that you may consider using.

  1. CBRefine Skin Care Cream by CB Distillery
  2. Holy Cannasense by Palmetto Harmony
  3. CBD Blemish Cream by MyaDerm


  • Apply a beauty serum

After the moisturizer has been fully absorbed by your skin, the next thing to do is to apply a face serum.  This will make your skin look healthier and introduce healthy and nourishing ingredients into your skin for optimum benefits.  If you are an avid follower of beauty trends and you want to achieve that Korean “glass skin”, try introducing a beauty serum into your beauty regimen.

There are so many serums out there claiming to be nourishing and gentle but the face serum to try is the Glow Skin Serum by Moon Mother Hemp because it claims to perfect dull, dry skin and it contains the revolutionary CBD oil.  In addition, this serum can be used by all types of skin (from oily to dry).

  • Treat facial acne

After the washing and replenishing the oils on your face, your skin may be suffering from other conditions such as acne.  When used regularly in your beauty routine, the Pure Hemp Salve by Pure Relief helps prevent pimple breakouts.

  • Apply a lip product

Who wants chapped lips or lips that crack when you speak or when you smile?  Ah, no one!  The next step to any beauty regimen is to moisturize those cute puckers by applying a lip balm.  Well, you guessed it, here are some CBD beauty lip balms you might want to try.

  1. 10 mg CBD Lip Balm by Pure Hemp Botanicals
  2. CBD Lips+ Skin by Endoca
  • Use a body lotion

Of course, bathing is an integral part of every hygiene regimen but you do not want to leave your elbows, knees, and hands all crackly and dry after, do we?  Eeewww!  No.  You have to put back moisture into your entire body including those crackly, dry areas like elbows, knees, ankles and of course, the hands by applying lotion all over.  Moisturizing lotions using CBD will give you the utmost skin benefits.  Here are our recommendations.

  1. CBD Hemp Balm by Elixinol
  2. CBD Lotion by Hemplucid
  3. High CBD Formula Body Lotion by Lord Jones


The recent and exciting breakthrough with CBD oil in beauty and skincare products shows how dynamic the cosmetic industry now has become and is constantly offering new and better CBD beauty products.  In the times to come, the CBD beauty products may be found in much more make-up and skincare type of products. Achieve that glow-from-within glass skin and introduce these CBD beauty products to your entire daily beauty regimen.

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