Every avid traveler knows just how thrilling and exciting seeing new sites and visiting new cities can be. The rush of seeing new places and experiencing different cultures can sometimes be so intense that the images linger in your mind even after returning home.

But what if you could take those stunning images with you and hang them on your wall? It’s possible and always feels great taking a piece of different cities and places with you. https://www.photowall.co.uk/posters/cities-places allows you to take photos and maps of places you have been and hang them on your walls.

You can now bring some of those breathtaking sceneries into your home to keep those memories fresh. And the best part is that you can alter these motifs to fit your home’s interior designs and other elements like color schemes and aesthetics.

On that note, we compiled some interesting ideas you can use to hang photos and posters of cities and places you visited and want to have in your home as a preview.

1. Map Wall Art Pieces

One of the best ideas for filling in your blank wall is adding a map wall art to make it more charming and interesting. It can be the map of a large area, framed or not, and in any colors and looks, provided you shape it properly and give it a look that matches your living space.

The world has countless wonderful and diverse regions. And some places are worth remembering after setting your eyes on them. Thanks to technological advancements and the power of high-definition cameras, you can now acquire posters of cities and places that feature almost any region on the planet.

For example, a vintage map of your favorite city can be a good place to start. You can also get creative with your poster by adding more color and more designs and shades to better complement your walls and room.

Wall pictures

2. Hang Art at Eye Level

One common mistake many homeowners make when hanging artwork on their walls is hanging them too high. However, when it comes to hanging any form of artwork on your wall, the standard rule is always to hang it at eye level. But this rule can be pretty confusing, especially if you are 5’5″ and your partner is 6’5″.

Which eye level do you choose? If you hang it too high or too low, at least one person will get a sore neck trying to see it. That’s why, for the sake of equality, a beautifully decorated poster should be at the perfect height that everyone will be happy with.

Remember, art relates to everything surrounding it. The better approach always is to determine the proper height to hang it. Most designers believe that the focal point of all artwork should be around the 57-inch mark. Remember, this isn’t where your wall art will hang from. So, you must determine the best height to pin your hangers.

Then again, the distance from the floor also depends on how high or low your ceiling is. It could be higher, giving you more room to play around with the height, or lower, forcing you to hang it low as well.

3. Balance the Scales

If you have a collection of different parts of a city or other sceneries to hang on your walls, it is important to treat it as one piece to bring out a more balanced look. For example, you don’t want an art collection that’s too large or too small in relation to other furniture in the room.

You should be looking for that just right, Goldilocks effect that brings out the “Wow effect” whenever you or someone else enter the room. Make sure that everything fits perfectly and that the artwork complements the rest of the room to the tee.

If you have one large art piece and smaller pieces, you can hang the large piece in the center of the wall, and the smaller pieces complement it towards the sides. A great tip is to use low adhesive tape to give you more consistent spacing between the frames.

4. Use the Salon-Style Look

The salon-style wall art design is perhaps one of the most admired and adored features of any space (if it wasn’t so intimidating). Nothing can be more thrilling than seeing a selection of beautiful posters of different geographical locations you’ve visited globally featured on your wall.

The salon-style wall art look will help you create a mix of amazing photos with clever depictions and stylish graphic designs to life.

These stunning artworks will always remind you of the many exciting cities and places you’ve visited and their experiences. You can even think of it as a living album of your travel destinations. This wall art design will never fail to spark up conversations between you and other people who visit your home.

5. Find the Best Shape of the Wall

Finding the right wall art is just as important as finding the right wall shape for that wall art. One common mistake many homeowners make when buying wall art is getting the wrong size.

Wall art that’s too small for your home can make it look less significant and not as impactful. On the other hand, people can find it intimidating if your wall art is too large for the space.

But generally, you want art that’s the same shape and orientation as your wall. It doesn’t take too much space but can also not go unnoticed by anyone who enters the room.

6. Use Frames Wisely

You already have a masterpiece you want to hang on your wall. One thing you must not neglect is the frame when choosing the best focal point of your artwork. When perfectly placed, art acts as the wall anchor that gives the rest of the room life.

Therefore, whether you prefer monochromatic frames or mix and match different vintage-themed frames, make sure it brings as much style and personality as the artwork itself.

Summing Up

Hanging pictures of your favorite cities and places around the globe is an important process that requires planning and proper execution. As any gallerist or interior designer will tell you, how you display your wall art is crucial and transformative. It is not just about the space it’s in but the feelings and memories you have whenever you look at the artwork.