It’s no secret that the business world is changing and becoming more inclusive. However, that didn’t come without sacrifice and the efforts of countless businesswomen and their good-natured male colleagues. But let’s not kid ourselves, we definitely aren’t there yet and we have a lot of ways to go before we are able to exercise the same benefits and rights of our counterparts in the workforce.

The road to the top has never been more clear. We are no longer mired in the confusion of trying to be polite and well-liked and hoping that being a good person would be enough. Or by over-relying on our indomitable nature and power to push ahead. Because it also doesn’t work well in the field dominated by men with domineering egos and sheepish personalities.

The right way is and always has been the middle-road. Not forceful, but not yielding either. Precise, on target, and without interruption. A straight line to where we want to be without concern or a wasted thought on detractors and haters.

Go Out On Your Own And Operate Independently

The beauty of business is that you can go out on your own and you’ll eliminate most of the problems that come with being female and in business. Because now you’re the boss. This is the path that will lead to your own best outcome and the best outcome for women in general. We must seize our own power through entrepreneurship so that we stand on our own.

Nobody can take away that kind of power and it is truly ours to wield as we wish. Business owners don’t have to put up with disrespect. They can cut it from their organization like a knife. And if you don’t have a boss to answer to, then you have no need to worry about how you behave or present yourself. A woman owned small business is the best way to escape the systemic oppression against women. It doesn’t need to start off as a mega-corporation. With today’s job market, even a slightly profitable business will probably pay better than the 9-5 you’ve been scraping away at. 

Truly, the only real solution for women, and people in general, is to become independent and do it for yourself. So get started no matter how small. It doesn’t matter if it’s a side-gig for a few hours a day. Start getting experience and build a customer base with something.

Get Into The Habit Of Documenting All Of Your Ideas And Work

This is good advice regardless of who you are. Business people are some of the most unscrupulous individuals to ever walk the face of the earth. And you may need to up your shrewdness to compete. In this instance, that means watching your back.

Business is a world of ideas, strategies, and insight. And ideas are tenuous things that have no name tag. In the era of digital communication, however, intellectual property has become more frequently discernible.

Your business ideas are your intellectual property and your colleagues(regardless of gender) will not hesitate to steal your ideas and claim credit for them if it means a favorable glance from the director. And they won’t hesitate to throw away your relationship for a little credit. So make sure you’re always protecting yourself.

Get in the habit of jotting your ideas down on a word processor on the cloud that uses timestamps and tracks edits. Make sure you have a record of all your business ideas before you go in to spill your guts to your boss or team leader. Document what aspects of the project came from your head and hands. 

Doing this can offer you a lot of leverage. You might think it’s a waste of time. However, if you do it for a number of years, several benefits start to arise. Firstly, you have the peace of mind that you’re protected. Later, you can review your records in a form of an idea journal. This ‘journal’ already has a lot of your business ideas detailed. This can help you later when you’re looking back for inspiration or can’t remember the details of a previous idea that is now more relevant.

Finally, there is its intended purpose, IP protection. In the event that a coworker does try to capitalize on one of your ideas, you will gain a significant amount of leverage in the situation.

Be Cautious But Don’t Tread Too Lightly

The middle path is the one without obstacles. We feel we must always choose between aggressive(and come across as emotional) and passive(to cater to male fragility). But the truth is that the world isn’t made from black and white. Everything is a shade of grey. And there are lots of things you can do to improve your interaction at work. 

In the context of business, that means steering clear of the excesses and maintain a stable position in the middle so that we’re ready to act when it’s called for. Women have more tools at their disposal. Learning to utilize them professionally is required to make the most of them.

Being too passive will ensure that your ideas never get heard. Your job will be safe but you’ll be relegated to a pleasant fixture in the room. Being aggressive will get you pushed out before you can even get started. Be flexible but stable. Powerful and controlled. Don’t attack and don’t yield if you know you are right.

Cultivate Allies And Treat Them Well

There are lots of things that women can do to better compete in the business world. In general, shrewdness and resourcefulness are the key elements to embrace. In business, you have to be able to make the hard choices that others won’t make. You can’t wait around and expect people to do the right thing. They won’t and someone more unscrupulous than you will jump on the opportunity as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate and keep moving forward. But you can’t do it alone.

You need an inner circle of businesspeople. Find the people that have the connections that you need and if they have a personality you can work with, be sure to consistently interact with them to keep them active in your life.

It’s not enough to talk. You have to create trusting relationships with them. Create a real connection that ensures that they will always fight in your corner. It doesn’t need to be only women, find anyone that supports your outlook, cause, or intentions. Create a coalition and when it’s strong enough, start to compete on a larger and larger scale.