Your child needs special care. Your child can suffer from some eye problems, and you need to take care of his or her eye by consulting an optometrist. So, taking care of their eyes is of great importance as it is related to their entire growth and well being. If taken care of properly, many other problems that arrive with age can be avoided.

Why Children’s Eye Test Is Important?

According to the research, 1 in every 5 children faces difficulties in school because of their unexamined eyesight. You may find your child behaving differently. Showing tantrums, blaming other things for a poor result in school, and having poor learning skills, all may be caused by a problem with their eyes. Most of the children with such difficulty cannot explain their actual issues to their parents only because they are unaware of the problem. Most of them do not know that they have any problems with their vision. We recommend having your child’s eye examined right from the age of six months. The next exam should be at the age of 3 to ensure that their vision will not cause any problem in their fulfilling and happy school life in the coming years. Afterwards, you can schedule the next examination at 5-6 yrs. It is better to consult an eye doctor in this regard and you must choose a doctor who is specialized in child eye

Children’s Eye Test For 6-24 Months Old

Follow And Fixate

Child grow their ability to follow something in the first month from their birth. Although, their ability to fixate on any objects needs three months of time to grow. The doctor will measure it with the movement of objects whether they are able to follow or fixate.

Pupil Response Test

With the help of light, the doctor will evaluate whether the pupils are closing and opening properly. They can also detect the issue of cornea.

Preferential Looking Test

A special set of cards are involved to test the vision. One side of the card is white and the other is stripped. By flipping the cards, doctors try to understand the power of the baby’s gaze attraction.

Take care of eye from young age

Children’s Eye Test For 2-5 Years Old

Random Dot Stereopsis

A special chart including 3-D patterns is used to evaluate how well
the eyes work together of a child.


This test is done by the doctor using a torch to see the responses of the retina. This test can detect any sign of myopia.

LEA Symbol

This test includes symbols like apple, square, house or anything as not all children learns the alphabet by this age.

Ishihara Test

The children’s eye exam includes this test to know how well a child can discriminate between colours.

Parents have to take care

Children’s Eye Test For 6 Years And Above

  •  Visual acuity
  •  Hand-eye coordination
  •  Visual focusing
  •  Teaming of the eyes
  •  Perception

While you are going or not going for a children’s eye test, things you must know about are


It is also known as nearsightedness. In this state, your child will have difficulty seeing distant objects. Myopia happens because of excessive growth of the eyes. Usually, it can be treated with glasses or you can go with the myopia vision test.
These are the symptoms-

  •  Holding book closer
  •  Sitting closer to the tv
  •  Squinting while watching the television
  •  Disinterested in sports that require a broader field and vision


This is far-sightedness. This is the exact opposite situation of myopia. In this case, your child will have difficulty seeing the near objects.
Symptoms are-

  • Holding book at a distant level
  •  Having difficulty in reading
  •  Blurry near images
  •  Headaches after having near vision.

Proper children’s eye tests would help your child have a healthy childhood where he/she can laugh, learn and play without any hindrance.