Providing the highest quality of plumbing service and hiring an expert plumbing service are the most important things that a plumbing company must offer to its customers. With accurate information, potential problems will be solved by professionals. One of them is the invasion of tree roots. It is one of the most common reasons for plumbing concerns that causes severe damage to your drains. 

Signs That You Have Blocked Drainage

When you find out that there are slow-moving drains or gurgling sounds in your plumbing system at home, these are probably the signs of blockage. Regular use of sink and shower will lead to grime, hair, and food particles developing inside pipes. Soon, this accumulated buildup can lead to a blockage that skyrockets pressure on your pipes, possibly causing them to explode or leak. Routine drain cleaning and regular plumbing inspection will help you keep your pipes free of blockage. Expert plumbers can promptly identify the cause of the problem by employing advanced drain cameras. They can mend the issue by using an auger or heavy-duty equipment. Never apply chemical drain products since these materials usually destroy the pipes of a home. Professional plumbers utilize much safer equipment and techniques to clear the drains. 

How Tree Roots Can Ruin Sewer Line Pipes 

In some situations, the trees outside your house may be creating a blockage in your pipes. The tree roots approach toward the freshwater moving through pipes beneath. The tree roots will soon thrust inside the plumbing system and accumulate grime that would normally flow within the pipes. It is common to see parts of tree roots blocking the flow in pipes and, in some situations, causing the piping system to explode underground. Burst sewer pipelines will cause costly repairs and interrupt your life for many days. 

No homeowners have to be shocked by damage from tree roots in sewer lines outside their houses. Routine sewer line inspections and maintenance plumbers offer a comprehensive look inside the drain in and around your house. Trusted professional plumbers can identify the root cause of the problem. They can recommend it if you need sewer line replacement. A compromised plumbing system by the invasion of tree roots does not need to cause disasters for a long time if you begin taking action. 

How Tree Roots Penetrate Your Pipes

You may think that a tree growing in your home is impossible and a rare situation. Yet, you would be shocked to know how frequently this happens when left unattended. Tree roots can double their actual size twice of the tree they are connected to. They look for moisture and nutrients that come from pipes, so if the pipes have cracks, tree roots will go there and get the moisture. If a tree is located near your home, make a point where a licensed expert checks it regularly. It is serious for two reasons.

Tree Root Damage is Difficult to Know from Above Ground

Roots grow faster, especially when the trees are getting the necessary water source, like when it is growing in your plumbing system where water is flowing through it. If the roots of the tree keep growing, then there will be debris clogging the pipes. Also, they will stop the water from flowing smoothly with your home. If so, it will cost expensive repair and replacement. 

Tree Roots Prevent the Flow of Your Pipes

Do you think slow running water sounds good? Think about it. Your pipes only have so much to provide. If the situation goes for long; then, this can result in a lack of water flow, broken pipes, or even blasting of pipes. The more damaged pipes to repair, the longer the time you may need to fix them. Besides, you will need to pay more money for the repairs. It is why contacting your trusted plumbing provider will help you get rid of the problem. 

Call Lex’s Plumbing for Tree Roots Removal

Help from professionals makes a huge difference in your plumbing system. Since they have the background and expertise, they know how to get the job done fast and well. They also have the right tools that are necessary to remove the roots and prevent more damage to your plumbing system. At Lex’s Plumbing, we take the job seriously and offer the best plumbing services to the residents of McKinney, TX, and surrounding areas. 

Schedule your appointment and see how trees could affect your plumbing system. Give us a call now and see the difference we can make to your plumbing system.