Most seasoned travelers have heard the same choruses as soon as they got pregnant: Get your last hurrah now because once that baby comes out, blah blah blah. Well, the best response to these naysayers is to ignore them. Of course, traveling is still possible even after having a baby.

In fact, traveling gets even more exciting if you’re with your baby. You get to share a wonderful experience with them. But, like all aspects of life, traveling also has its fair share of stressful situations—especially if you went on a trip with your baby unprepared.

If you’re a parent who wants to travel around the world with your baby, then you might need a few pieces of friendly advice to help you keep your sanity intact throughout the trip.

Preparing for the trip.

While a simple family outing to the beach or park requires only 30 minutes of planning and packing, a lengthy flight demands some serious preparation like a pro. It helps if you make a checklist so you won’t forget anything, especially the important things.

Don’t over-pack

As tempting as it may be to pack everything, including your favorite coffee maker, try not to overpack. If you’re planning for a lengthy trip, figure out which baby gear you can survive without temporarily and have them shipped to you at your final destination. These could be strollers, high chairs, baby cribs, and playpens. 

While this makes packing a million times lighter and easier, this option is only great if you are willing to spend extra money on shipping.

If possible, schedule a flight that falls within the baby’s nap time.

Whether it’s a long-haul flight or a short one, it’s best to book for a departure time that coincides with your baby’s Zz time. An undisrupted sleep schedule means a pleasant flight experience for everyone.

Bring your own pharmacy.

What might go wrong sometimes will, especially when you’re traveling internationally—and with a baby. Sudden change in climate is one of the factors that cause colds and fever. So, it helps to have medicines packed in the diaper bag. Worst case scenario would be spending an hour looking for a pharmacy in the foreign streets, only to find that the medicine you need requires a doctor’s prescription. To avoid the hassle, pack your baby’s Tylenol, antihistamine, thermometer, and paracetamol for adults. 

Get the right baby gear for travel.

Imagine yourself bringing your behemoth stroller on your trip—that alone will drain your energy. Rather, opt for a lightweight stroller that’s easy to fold into a compact unit. It’s a good thing that most airlines allow each passenger to check one stroller and one car seat with no extra charge.

Don’t be a cheapskate and buy a seat for your baby—especially for a long-haul flight.

But only if you want to have a smoother flight. Even if your baby is less than 2 years old and a lap infant, having an extra seat for them will ensure a more comfortable nap time. This is where bringing a car seat with you comes in handy.

Prepare for the worst-case scenario at the airport and on the plane.

When you say “worst flight”, you will think of delayed flights and spending miserable hours in the terminal feeling hungry and tired. Do you get the picture? Now, try imagining that with a cranky baby.

So, regardless of the length of flight, always be prepared for such scenarios. This means yes to travel bribes—an iPad or tablet loaded with nursery rhyme videos and other kid-friendly content. Also, a set of clothes for you and your baby, enough diapers, formula milk if you’re not breastfeeding, and snacks to get you through at least 24 hours.

If you didn’t ship a baby crib, request one ahead of time.

It’s best to call the hotel where you booked your stay to request a baby crib and playpen. Make sure to bring your baby’s own sheets, blanket, and loveys. Your baby will need a familiar scent of home in a foreign environment.

It also helps to let the hotel know you’re traveling with your baby so they can give you a quieter and peaceful room away from the elevator—a room with a tub is a bonus!

Book your hotel room from the night prior to arrival.

As we all know, the standard time for check-in at hotels is in the afternoon, which can be very troublesome, especially if you are on a red flight and will land early in the morning. 

Booking your hotel room starting from the night prior to your arrival will guarantee that you have a room waiting for you to arrive the next morning and have a good, pleasant nap with your baby. 


When you think about babies, they need lots of attention, and things can get very messy when feeding them, so traveling around the world with a baby may seem like a daunting task. But this feeling can easily go away once you know how. We hope our tips will make you and your baby’s journey fun and memorable.