Summer is the perfect season to make cookouts and swimming so exciting. But hot months also have a downside: loss of pool water due to evaporation. 

As per the American Leak Detection Company,” On average, swimming pools lose about a 1/4th of an inch of water each day to evaporation.” This means 20,000 gallons of water over a year.

Shocked? Don’t worry!

Herein, we are suggesting the 5 ways to prevent pool water evaporation:

1. Install a Pool Cover 

A pool cover is the best tactic to prevent water evaporation. Along with training water in the pool, it improves heating and lowers energy demands on the pool equipment.

As per the Cal Poly Evaporation Study, “ Pool enclosure can prevent evaporation by a whopping 95%!”. So, if you’re looking for something more exclusive and modern, installing a pool enclosure is another option to keep your pool covered and protected from UV rays. 

2. Cool off your Pool

Lowering the temperature of your pool is an effective way to slow evaporation. Science explains: warmer water has fast-moving molecules that easily vaporize.

How to deal with this?

Use a pool filter to cool down your pool water. Run your pool filter at night, as at that time the temperature of the air is low and all this will work as a substitute for the evaporative cooling system.  

This will drop pool water temperature by a few degrees and will prevent evaporation.

If you don’t have a pool filter, you can add cold water with a hose or can run an evaporative pool chiller.

3. Turn off Water Features

Water features like waterfalls or laminar sprayers add an artistic touch to your backyard pool. 

But they also enhance the surface area of water by spreading out into exposed streams and sprinklers. Due to this, the evaporation takes place faster.

So, it’s better to turn off features when you don’t need them.

4. Install wind Barriers

During hot days, wind accelerates evaporation by increasing the surface area of pool water and making it release heat faster.

Blocking the wind is a good option to reduce evaporation. A wind barrier around your pool reduces the wind’s speed and its ability to hit the water surface.

Some of the forms of wind barriers are:

  1. Landscaping: Add a few bunches of thick bushes around the pool. In addition, Michaelangelo has modern swimming pool landscape design ideas to get some inspiration. These will enhance the beauty and will prevent some of the blowing wind around your pool.
  2. Fencing: Use a solid fence or metal fence to create an obstacle for the wind
  3. Artificial hedges: These durable screens protect the fence and also restrict the wind’s impact on your pool water.

5. Use Automatic Water Leveler

An automatic water leveler provides complete peace of mind to pool owners. It keeps your pool water at the perfect level and prevents evaporation. It tends to replace any water lost by evaporation.

Apart, it safeguards your pool equipment. If you want to save your time and work on continuously adjusting the water level, buy an automatic leveler for the swimming pool.

In the End…

By following any one of the above approaches, you can counter the conditions that cause pool water evaporation.

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Happy Swimming!