Bringing home a new pet is incredibly exciting. You’ll no doubt be eager to introduce your furry friend to their new surroundings and start building the bond between you.

However, this experience can be difficult and stressful for any animal. They will be leaving their comfort zone and heading to somewhere new and unfamiliar with a total stranger. For this reason, it’s vital you ensure your pet feels welcome in their new home. We’ve put together a guide to help you out. Check it out below. 

Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

Homes can be full of hazards for pets, some more obvious than others. Before you bring your new friend home, it’s absolutely vital that you ensure the environment is safe and secure. Make sure there are no potential escape routes that your pet could use to get outside. Even if they are an outdoor animal, you want to make sure that they spend this critical early period indoors, to prevent them running away and to get them used to the sight and smell of the house. 

Check for any potential hazardous materials that could be harmful to your pet. Several common houseplants are toxic for cats and dogs, so check your home carefully and remove anything that could pose a threat. 

Pets are naturally curious so they can injure themselves in their explorations, despite your best efforts. This is why pet insurance is so important, it can save you from being faced with pricey vet bills should your pet need treatment. Check out Petsure insurance, there you’ll be able to find a suitable coverage package for your new friend. 

Have Everything They Need

Being prepared is key when it comes to pet ownership. Before you bring your new pet home, make sure that you’ve got absolutely everything they need to help them settle into their new surroundings. You’ll need to get obvious things like food, a food bowl, and a water bowl. You’ll also need to give them a comfy bed and some toys to play with. Speak to their previous owner, they can give you their current bed or their regular food. This can create a sense of familiarity that can help your new pet get used to your home faster. 

You will need to do your research on the specific type of pet you’re getting, too. Of course, this will refer to the species of the animal, as there is a big difference between what a cat needs, and what a dog needs. However, it would help if you also looked into different subspecies of animals. Different breeds of dogs may require different care compared to other types of breeds. Do your research so you know what you need to get ahead of time.

Prep The Family

You may be able to help your new pet settle into the home by actually preparing your family. It may be that there are more people living under the same roof as you, and you should ensure you are all prepared for the responsibility that comes with being a pet owner. If there is anyone in the home that doesn’t know how to care for or interact with an animal, then your new adopted pet will not feel as welcome.

Everyone should be on the same page when it comes to adopting a new pet. They should be happy that it’s happening, and they should be willing to care for the animal. The more prepped the family is, then the more likely your pet will feel at home and welcomed.

Give Them A Safe Space

Many pets will hide when they feel scared or nervous. This is perfectly natural behaviour, and you should never try stop your pet from hiding if they want to. The best thing to do is to provide them with a quiet, safe space where they can hide in peace and get their bearings. This could be a spare room or a corner of a quiet area in the house, somewhere that sees little traffic is ideal. Place all of their things in that space so they don’t have to leave if they don’t want to. 

Again, it will depend on the type of pet you have. Some animals may require more social times and play, and some will just need to figure out the space in their own time. For dogs, you may need to make use of a crate and put down newspapers to help prevent them from making a mess. You may need to prepare a litter tray for indoor cats, and help them get used to it slowly over time. Whatever space you give them, let them adjust to it in their own time, even if they overreach. Once they have settled into that space, you can look at moving them into other rooms, and the rest of their new home.

Give Them Time To Adjust

It can be tempting to attempt to play and interact with your pet straight away. However, this can cause them a lot of undue stress and anxiety. They’ll be an unfamiliar new place and will need time to adjust to their surroundings. They will not be in the mood to play and forcing them could make them feel frightened or cause them to lash out. 

Let them come to you at their own pace. Once they have demonstrated their trust in you, you can start playing with them and building the bond between you. These things may take time, and that’s ok. The last thing you want to do is rush them when they’re not ready, as this could actually do more harm than good.


All pet owners have a responsibility for ensuring their pet is as healthy and happy as it can be. Remember, every pet is different, and what may help one animal settle into a new home may not work for another. Use this guide and make your adopted pet feel welcome in their new home. Consult local pet experts, including vets, to help you support your new animal.