A well-groomed beard can be very effective in conveying a positive image of a person. However, growing a thick beard can be a bit of a challenge for most males. And unlike the option of promoting hair growth after hair transplant, there is no quick fix for a thin beard. There are plenty of reasons why men find it hard to grow a thick beard. Some just don’t possess the genes to grow a beard, whereas others are unable to grow a full beard because of their poor diet and improper skin care techniques. Nonetheless, we’re going to provide you with multiple proven ways to increase the density of your beard in the article below:

6 Proven Ways to Increase Beard Density

1. Care for your Skin

Healthy skin is the foundation for a healthy luscious beard. So first and foremost, taking care of your skin is paramount when it comes to growing a well-groomed beard. A weak or pore ridden skin doesn’t allow the hair follicles to grow properly which results in a thin and patchy beard. However, there’s no need to fret because there are plenty of skin products and techniques that can repair and strengthen your skin. To begin, you need a good moisturizer that can clean your skin and allow increased beard growth. You can also improve your skin’s condition just by washing it regularly which will also improve circulation. All in all, if you regularly exfoliate your skin, remove dead skin cells that result in ingrown hair, and open up your pores, you’ll see a marked difference in your beard growth.

2. Exercise Regularly

Healthy beard growth is linked to your overall health. And the best way to improve your health is with regular exercise, which will in turn increase the speed of your beard growth. Even though all exercises are beneficial for you, some exercises are obviously better than others. But if you’re not too fond of the idea of a fit lifestyle, then you should start with easy walking, brisk walking or dancing. Afterwards you can then move on to tougher cardio exercises like cycling and running. But how exactly does exercising improve the speed of your hair growth? Well, exercising improves and increases your overall testosterone levels which in turn promotes healthy follicles and hair growth. Additional benefits include increased blood circulation and DHT (dihydrotestosterone). And DHT is invaluable for linear hair growth and results in a curlier and thicker beard. And while we’re on the topic of DHT, some people think that increased DHT levels cause hair fall. While this may be true in some cases, this is mostly with people who already have the presence of hair loss in the family. In short, they might lose hair at some stage in their life nonetheless, but increased DHT levels can speed up the process. 

3. Get Lots of Rest 

Another way to increase testosterone in your body is to log in plenty of hours of sleep. The minimum amount of sleep you must be getting is 8 hours. However, getting more will of course increase your testosterone level further. There are plenty of added benefits as well that don’t just affect your beard growth but your overall hair growth as well. Sleeping regularly can effectively reduce your stress as well. The importance of sleep for your facial hair is evident from the fact that getting 5 hours of sleep only can reduce your testosterone level by 15%. 

4. Improve your Diet.

For most things related to your health, the most beneficial is to improve your diet. The first thing to do is eat protein rich food because your hair growth is a protein filament so the more protein you consume the healthier your beard will be. Some examples of protein rich food that you can consume are kale, nuts and eggs. This can increase the amount of testosterone your body produces which as a result will give your beard a thicker appearance. Another thing you can do to improve your diet further is to consume more vegetables. Improving the diet is something that we also recommend to people suffering from hair loss. At least before you spend thousands of dollars seeking hair loss treatments abroad, this is an option worth considering. 

5. Reducing Stress

Your Level of stress can greatly influence the growth of your beard. That’s because it increases cortisol in your body which in turn negatively impacts your testosterone development. In addition, increased stress levels can also constrict your blood vessels which reduces blood circulation. This doesn’t allow the necessary nutrients to flow freely in the blood and get to the hair follicles. As we alluded to earlier, taking more stress can result in disrupting your sleep cycle. This inevitably results in a further decrease in your testosterone level which makes growing a beard more challenging. You can try meditation as a possible way to reduce your stress and improve your mood. Regardless of how you do it, once your stress decreases you will be amazed at how quickly your beard grows. 

6. Take Supplements

Lastly, in addition to keeping a balanced diet you can use supplements to augment the growth of your beard. However, you should note that if you keep a healthy diet then the effect of these supplements will further increase. The vitamins we recommend you take are copper, zinc, vitamin B, magnesium and iron as they play a vital role in growing thicker hair. In addition to these supplements experts often rate Biotin as the best drug to improve your overall hair and beard growth. Furthermore, to specifically increase the thickness of your beard the best supplements are vitamin B, vitamin C, flaxseed oil and beta-carotene. Overall, supplements should be an important part of most men’s diets because it removes deficiencies which in turn doesn’t allow them to have a thin and patchy beard. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the health of your beard is greatly linked to your overall health. Activities like exercising and running are in our opinion the best ways to improve your overall health and the growth of your beard. Some people have also claimed that minoxidil (rogaine) has helped them increase the growth of their hair. Even though this is true in some cases, the best way to improve your hair growth is still maintaining a healthy diet. Nonetheless, we’ve listed all the proven ways you can improve your beard growth which will in turn increase your beard density. But now it’s your job to follow through with at least one of these methods and work on increasing the thickness of your beard yourself.