Beard oil can soften and condition your beard, but its biggest benefit is for the skin underneath the hairs. Because it helps alleviate itchiness, dryness, acne, irritation, inflammation, and ingrown hairs. There are several types of oils that can stimulate your beard growth and keep the underneath skin healthy. Combining different ingredients to stimulate beard growth can go into a beard growth oil that activates non-active hair follicles. To make this serum more effective, it is possible to use a dermaroller for beard

What oils work for beard growth?

Peppermint oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and tea tree oil can have beneficial effects for growing a thick and full beard. However, beard oils will not speed up beard growth it only stimulates the growth. That is why an oil alone often is not effective enough to make any noticeable difference.

In a product with more than one oil, such as a beard growth serum it is possible to stimulate beard follicles more effective. This serum exists out of essentials oils, hair growth molecules, powerful plant extracts and peptides. These are briefly explained below:

  • Oils such as Castor oil and Rosemary oil nourish the skin and give the hair a healthy shine.
  • The scientifically hair growth molecules are Adenosine and Vividine. 
  • Plant extracts with health benefits such as Ecklonia Cava and Raspberry Ketone. 
  • Peptides that improve skin blood flow and inhibit inflammation.

A dermaroller for beard can make the beard growth serum more effective by creating microscopic holes. By micro needling the skin nutrients can reach the hair follicles more easily. It also stimulates the natural skin health process to activate and stimulate non-active hair follicles.

How is beard growth determined?

There are several factors that impact your beard growth. Firstly, genetics play a huge part in beard growth. In fact, the genes determine the coarseness, colour, and terminal length of your beard. The thickness of your beard is also primarily determined on the genetics of your family. 

Secondly, age plays an important factor of growing a beard. How younger you are how more likely it is that your beard is not fully grown yet. Thirdly, stress can change the growth rates of your beard because it weakens the immune system. Stress can also cause hair loss which is why you should try to avoid unnecessary stress. 

What are the benefits of using beard oil?

There are many benefits to using beard oil. Some of these include: Better skin health – The vitamins and natural ingredients in beard oil help to nourish and hydrate your skin, which can lead to a reduction in common skin concerns, such as dryness and itchiness. Protection against UV rays – The added antioxidants in vitamin E can help to protect your skin against UV rays, which can reduce the risk of skin damage, including sun spots and wrinkles. Stronger hair follicles – The added fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins in beard oil can help to strengthen your hair follicles, which can reduce the chance of breakage or damage to your facial hair. Keep your beard looking fresh and clean – The added fragrance and antibacterial properties in some beard oils can help to keep your beard smelling nice and fresh, while also fighting against unwanted bacteria.

Understanding the science behind beard oils

The importance of natural oils in beard oils As previously mentioned, beard oils are often made with a combination of oils, such as coconut, almond, and jojoba. These oils contain nutrients that are beneficial to the skin, including fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins. They also contain oleic acid, a lipid that can help to reduce the occurrence of acne, spots, and blemishes. The advantages of using essential oils in beard oils While the added vitamins and nutrients in natural oils are beneficial, some natural oils also contain allergens, which can cause damage to sensitive skin. Essential oils, on the other hand, are derived from plants and herbs, but are much more concentrated than the natural oils found in food products. Because of this, essential oils can provide many of the same benefits as natural oils, but with a much more concentrated effect. Some of the benefits of essential oils include anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which can help to combat acne and reduce skin irritation.

How to choose the right beard oil?

When choosing the right beard oil, it is important to consider which ingredients are included in the product. If you have sensitive skin, then you may want to choose a beard oil that is made with 100% natural ingredients. However, if you have dry or brittle hair and skin, then a product with essential oils may be a better option. Another thing to consider when choosing the right beard oil is the scent. If you have sensitive skin, it is a good idea to choose a product that is scent-free. You can also look for products that are unscented, but are made with an essential oil that has a soothing aroma, like lavender or tea tree oil. Another option is to find a product that has natural scents, like sandalwood, vanilla, or coconut.


Beard oils are a great way to keep your facial hair moisturized and healthy. They can also be used to promote healthier skin underneath the beard. There are a variety of different types of oils that can be used to make a beard oil, including some that contain essential oils. The benefits of using a beard oil include softer and healthier facial hair, as well as healthier skin. When choosing a beard oil, it is important to consider which ingredients are included in the product, as well as the scent. When applied correctly, a beard oil can be a great addition to any man’s grooming routine.