Lemon, ginger, matcha … How to choose the Best Detox Teas while having fun in the comfort of your home? There are hundreds of detox teas out there, a factor that can confuse you and let you feel indecisive when it comes to choosing a detox tea for your body. In this article, we will teach you how to choose the best detox tea.

A Tea Cure to Detoxify

Naturally rich in antioxidants, tea is ideal to consume as a cure not only after the holidays or before summer, but also daily, to help the body to eliminate toxins and fats. Other plants are added to detox teas in order to multiply its benefits and offer a maximum taste. As long as you buy from certified online tea stores, you should get a product that benefits your health. We can, therefore, purify ourselves with the best detox teas while enjoying a delicious drink.

What Ingredients are Effective in Detox Tea?

If organic detox green tea is already very effective, it is possible to vary the pleasures widely by opting for a tea combined with other ingredients. The body will also benefit from their effects, so it is better to choose them according to the intended goal. Foremost among these complementary ingredients is often ginger and lemon. Detox with lemon, green tea and ginger indeed combine the natural diuretic and detoxifying properties of the plant with the richness in magnesium of the root and the energizing properties of the citrus fruit.

Our best detox tea is tea with lemon and ginger, it is a real cocktail made of ingredients that are very healthy for the body. If the goal is not only to eliminate toxins but also to lose weight, it is better to choose a detox tea treatment that combines green tea and guarana or maté. However, keep in mind that tea boosts weight loss, but does not actually lose weight to the extent of unhealthiness. The best detox tea must therefore always be accompanied by a balanced diet.

The best Detox Teas.

Lipton Detox Green Tea

In this detox sachet, green tea is accompanied by meadowsweet, nettle and grapefruit bark to offer a very pleasant taste and health effects such as detoxifying the organism. Let it for two to three minutes in water at 90 ° C to enjoy all the benefits of these plants.

Yogi Tea Lemon Detox

This lemon and ginger detox tea is inspired by Ayurvedic infusions intended to rebalance the energies of the body to offer a real moment of well-being around a drink where lemon, ginger, licorice and dandelion mix make for an amazing detox.

28 Days Tea Cure by Dual

With its dozen varied plants rigorously selected for their effectiveness, this detox tea is thought to support weight loss by reducing bloating, improving digestion and helping the body to release water and fat and eliminate them.


To purify the body or help with weight loss, detox tea must be chosen with care in order to obtain effective herbal mixtures of quality. Lemon and ginger are the most famous adjuvants, both for purifying and for having a pleasant taste.