In our technologically developed and rapidly advancing world, lots of things have become much faster and more intense, especially within the last two or three decades. Using computers to automate most of the routine processes in our lives, we are able to concentrate on things that matter more, thus, increasing our creative potential, learning faster, and getting along together better. Romantic relationships are no exception in this trend, and many can find themselves being very seriously in love with someone they know for just a couple of months or even weeks. At the same time, maintaining such a relationship becomes more challenging, especially when there are other important priorities to keep, such as studies or work. So, how do you find balance in such a delicate matter?

Girlfriend/Boyfriend vs. School

A situation when people must make thorough considerations in order to achieve the balance between work or studies and personal matters started to interest people widely as early as at the beginning of the 20th century, although the term work-life balance was coined in the mid-1980s. As life started becoming faster and there appeared more things to do, more people expressed their interest in trying to work on everything at once in a balanced manner, i.e. devoting an equal amount of time to personal relationships and all other things. While there are many theories and studies regarding the proper maintenance of this balance, many of them are predominantly based on either opinions or personal experiences, which cannot apply to everyone.

Tips to Balance Study and Relationship

Still, some managed to figure out that there are a few workarounds to help with that and most of them rely on adapting to a particular situation, rather than on any attempt to fight it. If you can’t beat them, join them, as they say. Here are some of the tips you can use if you struggle to maintain the balance between your studies and your love life.

1. Schedule your Time. 

While it’s impossible to schedule each and every move as you study and spend time with your partner, you can at least approximate the time you spend with your books and with your girlfriend or boyfriend. For instance, define that you study after classes 2 to 3 hours every other day. On the rest of the days, you study only 1 or 1.5 hours, so that you could spend more time with your partner. This sounds rather challenging, especially if you and your other half have a different schedule, yet, that can be mitigated if the same can be done with their schedule.

2. Study/Work Together. 

This is, perhaps, one of the best methods, especially in the era of remote learning and work. Whether your partner has classes just like you do, or they work, in any case, he or she will need some time to concentrate just like you when you study. Use this time to kill two birds with one stone. By taking care of your formal matter together, you can achieve much greater results (as you’d probably be able to help each other) and, well, spend time together, thus, not missing out on each other for too long. Remember only to not distract each other and procrastinate together (which is done more efficiently together) to keep the balance perfect.

3. Use Boosters for the Written Tasks. 

There’s nothing bad or wrong with getting some inspiration from time to time. And there’s no better inspiration than a completed task similar to the one you work on. Essay samples created or just shared by other students for reference become more and more popular, just check out Top Essay Writing to see that there are tons of them. While they will not take care of your homework, they can largely help you with the organization of your essays as well as formatting and other formal stuff.

4. Study Harder When it’s Required. 

Just as you’d schedule your everyday activities considering your studies and your partner, schedule your time on a global scale. The period of finals is a serious matter, so discuss this with your partner and distribute your time in order to pass all exams successfully. For instance, you can suggest you study for the finals together or they work near you while you study if they have their job to keep. The options are limitless, so you must work something out together.

5. Enjoy every moment with your partner while not studying. 

Make sure that all the time you have together is either fun or works to strengthen your relationship. Spend some quality time, talk with each other more often, discuss all possible conflicts or disagreements, and so on. There’s no better thing in life than love, yet it is also important to remember that there are other important priorities in our modern lifestyle. So, try to acknowledge everything and overlook nothing.

Which One Wins After All?

The answer to that question largely depends on your ability to manage your time and adapt to the situation. However, if the work-life (or, rather, study-life) balance is approached properly with all considerations described above and your will to contribute to everything at once, then the final winner must be you. Just trust it when you hear it that if everything is considered in a cold-headed and rational manner, nothing is impossible and you are able to enjoy all the pleasures provided by the results of your considerations.