One of the reasons why more and more people are relocating to Fort Myers is because this city functions as an outdoor playground all year long. The average temperature in Fort Myers is around 74 degrees, and the sunny weather is felt for over 271 days in a year. This weather condition is perfect for outdoor activities, but if you have poor eye health, you won’t be able to fully enjoy what this city can offer.

Regardless of your location or preferred activities, your eyesight is important. For one, what you see allows you to collect information and hone your knowledge. The things you know today are generally based on the things you’ve observed through your eyes. Your vision can also influence your behavior as your reactions are triggered by the things you see.

If you want to benefit from your eyesight today and in the future, take an eye exam. This series of tests is vital because of the following reasons:

Detects The Earliest Signs Of Health Problems

Aside from giving you the ability to see, the condition of your eyes can also indicate your overall health condition. Cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure are just some of the health conditions that can be detected through an eye exam.

By checking the website of an eye specialist and scheduling an eye exam with them, your eyes will be diagnosed using the right tools. Usually, an ophthalmologist will start the exam by checking the condition of the blood vessels in your retina. The health and activities of the blood vessels in your retina can indicate the overall condition of the blood vessels throughout your body.


Health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension can cause the blood vessels in your retina to change. Depending on the severity, these health conditions can alter the blood supply and appearance of the blood vessels in your retina.

People who have higher risks of developing diabetes should prioritize taking an eye exam because this health condition is one of the leading causes of blindness. Diabetic eye disease doesn’t have any symptoms, which is why detecting it in its early stages can be challenging. Seeking medical treatments once the disease has progressed doesn’t guarantee full recovery.

Improves Vision

It’ll be challenging to complete even the simplest chores if you have poor eye health. Cooking meals for the family will take hours, and driving short distances could lead to accidents. If you don’t want your eyesight to adversely affect your productivity and safety, take an eye exam. Seeing your ophthalmologist regularly can improve your vision.

When you take an eye exam, your ophthalmologist will diagnose if you’re currently suffering from any eye condition. If the tests confirm that you have myopia, for example, your ophthalmologist will immediately suggest treatments. They will usually advise you to wear prescription lenses such as eyeglasses or contact lenses to manage symptoms of myopia. For severe cases of myopia, your ophthalmologist can also recommend eye surgeries. Treatments to stop the progression of your eye condition will also be presented by the ophthalmologist.

An ophthalmologist will ensure that your eyesight will not get in the way of your daily activities and responsibilities. Through an eye exam, you can have access to professionals who can improve and restore your eye health.

 Prevents Self-Diagnosis

Because of the advent of technology, you can acquire answers to every possible question through the internet. Regardless of how simple or challenging your query is, you’ll likely find countless answers once you search online—which makes it hard to determine which information is reliable.

For instance, you look for answers online since you’re experiencing discomfort in your eyes. Your red eyes could be caused by eye fatigue and excessive use of contact lenses. But when you use the internet for answers, you’ll likely read articles on how red eyes are caused by aggressive cancer or how these can lead to blindness. These inaccurate results can cause unnecessary stress.

Although convenient and free, you should never self-diagnose or rely on medical information you find online. Self-diagnosis is dangerous for your eyesight and overall health.

By taking an eye exam, you’ll avoid experiencing the dangers of self-diagnosis. As mentioned, an eye exam allows you to personally ask medical advice from professionals in the industry. If you have red eyes, your ophthalmologist will check your eyes before making any diagnosis. They can also provide accurate answers to all of your eye-related questions.

Eye exams serve as platforms for you to take care of your eyes, avoid any eye problem from worsening, and keep your well-being in check.

You’ll Reap What You Sow

Taking an eye exam is essential not only for your eyesight but for your overall health as well. Start scouting for ophthalmologists in your area and inquire how soon you can have your eyes checked.

Regularly visiting an ophthalmologist might require time and effort, but because of its benefits, doing all of these will be worth it in the end!