Organizing a wedding can be stressful, and a good deal of that stress is arranging for disparate branches of the family along with different groups of friends (school friends, university or college friends, work colleagues, neighbors) to all be able to come to one venue at a particular date and time! While this is not too serious for someone who has lived and worked in the same area their whole life, it can be a mission in impossibility for people who have travelled and moved around a lot!

No matter which of these two camps you and your fiancé fall into, there are ways that you can make sure the whole process of becoming engaged and getting married works seamlessly. One of these is taking the logistical step of providing transport from an area where a lot of your engagement party guests live to the venue where the party will be held.

Do speak to your venue before you make any bookings on your own behalf. Quite apart from the fact that many venues offer shuttle services to major transport links and nearby towns and cities, they sometimes even have their own party bus or limousine that you can take advantage of for a discounted price as a paying customer.

Party buses are sleek, powerful vehicles with plenty of mod-cons such as a wet bar, private seating area, fully functional bathrooms, and room for up to twenty guests to be comfortable and entertained on the way to the destination. Some even have televisions, neon and laser light shows, and tiny dance floors to allow guests to get into the party mood while still in transit. You can further research it on sites like to give you better idea of what you are after and help you decide.

Limos, by contrast, tend to be seen as being more formal and elegant, tailored for a more sophisticated mindset, albeit still with a good offering of indulgences such as a fully stocked bar, television or music center, and can also boast neon décor for a more modern, party vibe. Limos tend to offer more privacy to the guests, who can choose to reveal themselves through the sunroof or stay firmly behind the tinted windows giving no hint to the curious as to who might be cruising past! Limos tend to be slightly cheaper than party buses, but with a strict upper limit of around ten people, a party bus can often be a more economical choice, depending entirely on the number of guests in need of transport.

Both limousine chauffeurs and party bus drivers will need the right licenses which teach them how to safely drive such large vehicles. Often, they will be extremely patient drivers, with advanced defensive driver training, who will carry your friends and family safely to and from the venue.

Once you have decided on an ideal mode of transportation, you can send out the invites to the engagement party – but do make sure you have sounded out almost everyone who must come to the wedding and the engagement party first, to be sure that there are no clashes which will see one branch of the family feeling marginalized or left out! One of the very first things marriage teaches you both is how to compromise: this often starts, if not with the engagement party, then with your very wedding day itself!