Everyone seems to be yarning for romantic love, but have you thought of the other possible types of love? You do not have to be romantically involved with someone to say you love them. Although there is no universally recognized number of loves, the Greeks were said to have identified seven types. Let’s have a look at the seven kinds of love, according to the Greeks.


This type of love can also be termed as the love of the body. It is a passionate or sexual love, which is the most common in our modern perspective of romantic love. It features strong physical desires towards the other persons and could also be characterized by the lack of control. Most relationships currently are built on Eros, and they tend to be short-lived because this type of love dissipates fast.


Also referred to as love for the child; this is a kind of love that describes the genuine compassion and care that parents have towards their kids. The love is characterized by immeasurable sacrifice, acceptance, and willingness to do anything for the sake of your children. This is the feeling that helps parents to raise their children regardless of what may come their way.


This is also known as affectionate love. It is the kind of love that you feel for those close to you like your family, relatives, and close friends. It is characterized by unquestionable loyalty and willingness to do whatever you can to protect your loved ones and see them happy. It is defined by sacrifice, trust, and companionship.


Ludus or playful love is a feeling defined by seduction and flirting and sex. It is all about having fun without commitments. The center of this kind of love is based on the experience and not the feelings or attractions. It is mainly the origin or romantic relationships when things go well. It starts with the teasing, excitement, and before the involved parties realize it, they are already committing.


This is also known as self-love. It is characterized by loving and embracing all your flaws and shortcomings before realizing your strength. It helps in building confidence and promoting self-esteem. Sometimes, this kind of love is connected to narcissistic behaviors or arrogance, especially if you try to stand up for yourself. True happiness, however, comes only if you learn to love yourself, so this one is super healthy.


Agape is selfless live and is represents universal or godly love. This is the kind of love that humans feel for each other, nature, and the gods. It is linked to spiritual feelings or emotions of the sort that trigger you to care and help others.


Pragma is a long-lasting kind of love. It is the kind of love that keeps couples together for the longest time. It does not end, but instead, it keeps growing with time. It, however, requires constant maintenance, commitment, and nurturing to keep it strong and going.

While there are lots of other loves, these are the main categories or the identified types of love. They are all feelings of attraction.