Many people often find themselves with a lot of free time during maternity leaves, which may leave them with the desire to get up and do something. During this time, you can create an opportunity to work using your grammar skills as you take care of the young one. 

If you are a grammar expert and have been looking for remote job opportunities at home, you can explore a number of them. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Writing and Grammar

Writers should be able to conduct research and use grammar skills to create an article or an acceptable story. You can decide to choose any of the writing opportunities such as copywriting, blogging, report writing, Ghostwriting, and resume writing, among others. Good grammar is a must for any kind of writing, whether you are doing it for self-publication or writing for a content mill or private client. 

During maternity leave, you can also sharpen your skills by pursuing a mini writing course and continue working from home. You must also be able to create original content because plagiarism in writing is not acceptable under whatever circumstances. 

To support your writing and to keep it error-free in all senses, you need good tools to work with. The grammar checker and plagiarism checker by Edubirdie are two well-known and trusted tools used by college and university students for their essay and research writing work and also by bloggers for their web content. With these tools, you can be sure that your work is always of great quality and meets the desired standard desired by the clients you work for.


Transcription is concerned with converting audio or speech into written text. Transcriptionists need good grammar skills coupled with accurate and fast typing skills to deal with content. They must also have the ability to conduct research on websites or gather information and spell names of people, companies, and places correctly.

Quality headphones, laptop, and good internet are critical requirements to do transcription. You can choose to do verbatim transcription or edited transcription, depending on your preference. 

With good grammar, you can also acquire transcription skills remotely and start working from home. You may opt to deal with short audios so that you don’t disrupt your baby nursing schedule.


Editors are regarded as the ultimate grammar professionals because they give the final feedback before a document is finally submitted for publication. If you are a grammar expert and can easily point out spelling mistakes, coupled with leadership ability, you stand a better chance to earn from home as an editor while on maternity leave.

Knowledge about different writing styles and citations such as Chicago and Harvard citation is important for editing. If you are not well-versed with writing styles, you can pursue a short online course and continue working as an editor. Editing can allow you to work with other professionals and writers on various projects.



Proofreading is often confused with editing but it is more about identifying and correcting any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in a text document. As a proofreader, you can work closely with writers to ensure that their documents are free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

If you are a grammar expert, you can comfortably do this kind of a job quite easily. You can also collaborate with university or college students who may not have grammar expertise to proofread their essays that they have already created.


The ability to translate text from one language to another requires good grammar skills in English and other languages. Translators must also know how to vary translation procedures such as using dynamic word equivalent or do a literal translation. 

If you have command in at least two languages, you can specialize in language translation and keep yourself busy during maternity leave. This may also give you a platform for starting translation as a business and continue with it even after your leave. As a translator, you enjoy the flexibility of choosing the most productive time when you can engage in the work.


During maternity leave, you can choose any of the above flexible money-making opportunities instead of underutilizing your free time. Good grammar skills are the basis of exploring any of the opportunities. However, you can also sharpen your skills by studying for a new job online and continue working at home as you enjoy the flexibility of choosing when to work. You can also decide to do two or more related jobs, depending on your preference.