Many a time we come across regular lumps, bumps, and rashes on the skin surface. When these happen, you’re going to feel embarrassed about your skin. Especially when these allergies or rashes start to become more numerous, which can be a bad conversation starter for those that you meet. Beyond just that, skin allergies can also cause a lot of discomforts.

Only one culprit can be blamed for such a situation: an allergy. Most dermatologists aim to provide skin allergy and psoriasis treatment London treatment for the benefit of countless patients.

That said, read this article to learn more about the many potential causes as to why your skin allergy pops up.

Importance Of Getting To Know The Causes

Before identifying the various causes, it’s important to understand to know these causes in the first place. In doing so, your medical team can also form a steady base as to the treatment that’s most suitable to you.

A bunch of things can cause an allergic reaction when you brush up against them. Whether your allergy trigger is plant-like poison ivy or a chemical in your makeup, your best defense is to keep your distance. There are instances when your skin allergy is even caused by all the dirt and dust that have accumulated in your home’s air. The primary factor about allergy is that something dangerous enters the body, allowing the production of side effects. These dangerous substances are called an allergen. Upon the entrance of allergens, your body starts “overreacting”, which is a common reaction of the immune system. These invaders trigger several allergic symptoms like swelling, rash, and even redness on the skin.

This reason forms the basis as to why it’s very important to get to know the individual cause of your skin allergy. In so doing, the treatment that’s provided to you is one that’s the perfect match for you. As different individuals have different triggers, you’ll have to be given that which is specific only to the symptoms and the trigger factors that you have.

However, there is more to the condition than just the allergens. For instance, there are some patients that are born with various skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis. With the expert help from the guys at My Psoriasis Team, you can also learn more about the distinctions between both. It is essential to understand and know what causes an allergy to the individual, in case of suffering, one can contact the physician without any fear of missing any information.

Fragrances available around the world

The contents of many fragrances are enough to invite skin allergy symptoms in the body. Moreover, other fragrances or body lotions also end up triggering a chemical fight with antibodies. The term ‘too good to be true’ might hold a real meaning at this instant since no fragrance or lotion comes without harsh consequences.

Some of these common causes are the following:

The threat of nickel on the skin

According to the experts, if nickel is continually exposed to the skin for a long amount of time, it ends up doing more harm to the skin than expected. Several aspects, such as wearing jewelry, can release nickel ion within the body. If a person is highly sensitive then allergy can occur at a faster pace.


It is an element that has been used in the medicinal area for centuries. However, if humans are exposed to mercury for a long time, it can prove to be harmful and even toxic. Thimerosal is the compound of mercury chemical that has been used in vaccines as preservatives. It can be one of the aspects to cause skin allergy, according to the experts.

Antibiotic creams

Antibiotic creams contain many compounds that are sure to cause an allergic reaction to the body if they are exposed to us for a long time. Skin rashes are one of the common side effects of such antibiotic creams when used over sensitive skin. Mostly, these rashes will look like hives. We will most likely see white or red bumps on the surface of the skin. Red patches can also appear due to antibiotic creams.

Cobalt chloride

It is a common component found mostly in many aspects such as medical products, anti-persistent, hair dyes, and much more. It creates further issues for us to maintain health appropriately. Individuals having a high level of sensitivity in their bodies can face skin allergy reactions after consuming this for a long time.


This one is harder to avoid among most of us today since it is particularly found in many products. A few things made out of this natural rubber include baby bottles, disposable gloves, balloons, and even condoms. Naturally, individuals can face skin allergy symptoms due to the overuse of latex in any way over sensitive skin.


This is also found in several products in day to day life suggest cosmetics, household cleaners, medications, paint, and other aspects. Such aspects are set to cause skin allergy at a faster pace if we expose ourselves to them at every interval.

Poison Ivy, Oak, And Sumac

When you get into contact with these plants, your skin can suffer adverse reactions. First, it starts when the leaves are bruised or damaged. These plants then release an oil known as urushiol. When this comes in contact with your skin, it causes blisters, bumps, and rashes.

As a first aid treatment, what you can do is to treat it with calamine lotion, oatmeal baths, or a wet compress. But, if it persists, you should see a dermatologist right away.


The dermatologists of London are seasoned experts in treating allergic conditions using the latest technology and medications. Of course, if an individual identifies the causes behind skin rashes and other allergic symptoms, the doctor is likely to take an easy approach at affordable rates.

The key to having the best care possible is to work well with your dermatologist and to be aware of your individual symptoms. Now that you know these common causes, you’re also more equipped at being the master of your skin’s health. 

With allergies, remember that it goes beyond just the physical looks. You’ll also have to factor in any of the potential causes, as enumerated above.