As the chills of winter are creeping in, you might be thinking about getting your closet rid of the woolen and furry coats, jackets, mufflers, caps, etc. But one thing that escapes your mind every year is that set of glistening pieces of jewelry.

Yes, you wear them daily, weekly, or on special occasions. But does winter get in the way every time and compel you to put them away? Well, not this time. 

It’s because this year, you’re going to learn about some fabulous tricks to make you match your jewelry with your winter clothing.

So, read on and explore our brilliant ideas for matching your jewelry with winter clothing. You won’t have to regret this year. 

Sport Those Statement Earrings 

If it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t put on those stunning statement earrings of yours. Instead, it’s a perfect time to sport them with a set of a wooly jacket, cashmere, and stylish jeans. 

What type of statement earrings, though? 

Well, when it’s an occasion for dinners, a night out, etc., make sure the design and style of your earrings are bold. However, if you’re planning to go out for brunch or a more serious business meeting, simplicity is the way to go. 

Our suggestion will be to put on a pair of diamond stud earrings to brighten your face even more. Let the glistening diamonds blend with your dark hair, followed by an emerald or sapphire necklace on your neck. 

You may also look at popular jewelry stores like Figueira and, as such, find the right statement earrings to match your winter clothing.  

Show Off Your Bracelets 

Who says winter overshadows the wrists and the twinkling ornaments on them with long-sleeved sweaters? Bracelets can still go with your cardigans or long sweaters, no matter where you go out for fun or serious business.

It’s true that eyes won’t find your amazing bracelets so easily. But hey! You can always raise your hands for many valid purposes— just to show off that sleek and shiny piece of jewelry.   

Try one of the cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, or chain bracelets this winter to stylize with a nice sweater or cardigan. 

Neck Chains Can Save the Day!

It’s not like winter only compels you to hide your jewelry. Versatile neck chains can play a different role here. How so?

Let’s say you’ve slipped into a dashing turtleneck wrapped around a formal coat. Here, putting on a chain around your neck can just do the trick. 

A chain doesn’t need to be hidden under the sweater; rather, it will boldly walk with you in every step. Wearing a chain in winter will add to your personality, enhancing your stylish persona.

You may wear a gold chain or silver chain to suit the occasion or decorum of the place you’re visiting. 

Big Rings Are Useful in Winter

Small or stacked rings might fall under the top jewelry trend, but those are good for other seasons, not winter. How so? 

Since in winter, you have to wear long sleeves and gloves, chances are you might lose them while putting your gloves on and off. Here, larger rings can be a good choice as you can feel them on your finger all the time. 

Besides, a big ring with a shiny stone can represent your strong personality and your choice of jewelry. 

Try Brooches to Stand Out 

Oh, you might be hesitating about this, but brooches are still on song as they’re back in the style zone for a while. However, if you agree to wear a brooch this winter, don’t hasten it. 

Choose the brooch wisely because the more vintage they are, the better. If you have a brooch that’s made by some veteran jeweler, you’re safe. Brooches should carry their vintage style and craft. 

The style and origin of brooches may belong to ancient British, Irish, Portuguese, or Celtic. Wearing a brooch consisting of one of those traditions over a coat or pinning it on a hat can put your winter style one step ahead. 

Put on Pearls for Softer Tone

Have you ever dared to try on some pearl jewelry during the winter season? Well, try this winter if you haven’t before. Pearly ornaments can add a touch of softness and the correct hue to your winter clothing. 

Besides, if you’re allergic to certain metals, pearl jewelry can give you the comfort you crave apart from the warmth in your overall look. 

Pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc., come in diverse colors and tones. Try silver or pink pieces to carry the popular pearly shine with your coat, jacket, or cardigan. 

Also, you may try out modified overtone colors like pink, blue, purple, or green. 

Hoop Earrings Can be Nice 

Those round and large earrings, known as hoop earrings, maybe a great addition to your winter styling. Wear turtlenecks, leather jackets, coats, or sweaters, hoop earrings fit in all. 

Hoop earrings can give you a stunning look on every type of occasion. Formal, semi-formal, party, or social media gigs, you’ll thrive in every place with the right pair of hoop earrings. 

Go with your metallic choice. Wear gold or diamond hoop earrings according to the occasion, atmosphere, and ambiance to steal the show with your sparkle and shine.  

Lastly, the Right Texture of Jewelry

No matter what you choose to wear for jewelry, any trait that can put your style on or off is its texture. The correct texture of the jewelry can strike the right balance with the winter clothes you would wear. 

Typically, well-textured jewelry draws attention easily. The cascading and elusive effects created due to light reflection on the textured earrings or a piece of necklace are simply snappy. 

And for matching with the winter clothing, don’t worry a bit. Textured jewelry can never go wrong with most of the winter clothing, like long gowns under jackets or coats, denim, or sweaters and skirts. 

Final Words

Finding the perfect jewelry match with winter clothing can seem daunting, but it’s all relevant to your style sense and some creative tricks. It’s true you have to wear decent clothes. But the right jewelry choice, along with the warm clothes, will add a touch of elegance. 

Be sure you aren’t allergic to certain jewelry or metals. Carelessly wearing an ornament in winter may develop a rash, itching, or skin discoloration.