Gender difference against women at secular work places have a way of limiting and influencing the potentials of some women. While some remain within the limitations of these gender stereotypes, others challenge them, break the barriers to show their worth and capabilities.

Because of the male dominant nature of most societies, it takes a lot of efforts for some women to prove their value at work places. This situation is caused by both men and women because it is a social issue that involves everyone. In a male dominant society, how does a woman prove and present herself as real and authentic as she can be without being hypocritical and losing her authenticity?

Setting Moderations

Wanting to prove oneself does not translate to wearing oneself out. It is very normal to accept the foibles and imperfections that come with being human. Some women find it difficult to speak against the addition of more workloads just because their male counterparts are getting the same or more. “Everyone has a limit their body can tolerate. We should challenge ourselves but these challenges should be within the capacity of the body. The point is to be authentic; wearing the body out is not one,” said Linda Russell, a human resources specialist.

Accepting Imperfections

Because of the expectations that are attached to women who wield leadership positions at secular workplaces, some women lose their humanity and kind-heartedness to project and demonstrate the prerogatives that come with their position. Position of leadership should not take away one’s authentic self. Being harsh is not the same thing as being principled. The purpose of being authentic is being oneself in the face of a series of influences.

Setting Emotions Apart

There is the need to be able to set aside sentiment away from professionalism. At work places, everyone should be able to know when to think rationality and when to be emotional. The previous point says that power should not be swirled by power while this point advises the opposite. How then can one balance the two? According to Donna Henderson, a creator of marketing copy: “The point is to know when to be emotional, vulnerable and when to make rational decision in the interest and for the best of the work. There is no point in trying to impress and satisfy everyone who do not have impact for the work at the work’s expense. Everyone needs to follow the chain of command at all times.”

Develop your Skills

Many times, the leadership potential of women aren’t easily noticed because they focus solely on men. This can also put them on the bottom of the list when it comes to job promotion. But instead of taking this as a reason to feel down or doubt your potential, this should motivate us to be on top of the corporate ladder. We may choose to study online at RMIT – a university that offers a world-class education to transform your career. We may also take short courses to develop our skills. Never be afraid of standing out and get ahead of other men.

Having a Sense of Fashion

There is a reason why a lot of secular organizations and companies a dress code for their workers. They believe that their staffs represent their companies and the way they dress says a lot about them. It is very important that women dress well to work places. It is not advisable to wear the same clothes to work over and over again. Women look smart and confident in tight fitting dress with matching handbags and shoes. It is also important for women to wear neat and well-treated hair. Being authentic starts from how one presents oneself.

Evaluate Yourself

Our interpersonal relationship with everyone is very important because of the peculiarities of our personality. There is the need to ask for feedback at intervals. It is important to know how best we can improve on ourselves. There are certain attitudes and behaviors we might exhibit without our knowing. Some of these attitudes might even be a generalized sense of perception we hold of certain race, age group, gender or religion. We need to hear from people how our behavior and attitudes towards them affect them. As a woman at a work place, there is the need to observe this point also.