After the setback, the fitness and training industry suffered from COVID-19; things have just started to return to normal for fitness enthusiasts. But the re-opening of gyms and resumption of normal fitness training activities have been marred by the risks still associated with public meetups and the resultant restrictions. The dangers and constraints have begun a fundamental shift in the very nature of fitness training in the form of home training.

Most people do indeed envy the flat and well-toned stomach and desire a more fit and better-toned body for themselves. But many are not willing to spend time on the commute to gyms and the queues outside them. Home training makes natural and convenient sense, and COVID-19 has only catalyzed to embrace the change they desired.

You ideally want the exercise to get multiple muscle groups to perform. Fitness training lets you take traditional toning exercises and make them more effective and efficient.

Several exercise types constitute a balanced fitness routine. These include the following:

  • Cardio
  • Strength training
  • Stretching
  • HIIT (high-intensity interval training)
  • Total body strength training

Of these, the last two are particularly useful if you want to burn off your body fat in a hurry. Some of the best fat burning exercises you can do at your home include:

1. Goblet Squat

A goblet is distinct from a traditional squat. It is on the safer side without compromising on any benefits of the typical squat. One of its primary characteristics is the absence of weight pressuring your backs. Instead, the frontal weights help you maintain an upright position, ultimately resulting in a better form for you.

The goblet squat is a great option to exercise your arms and legs and help in toning your hamstring, upper arms, and thighs. It also helps to:

  • Develop body quadriceps
  • It gives you better balance while squatting
  • It gets you better acquainted with squat mechanics
  • It is really friendly for beginners

2. Target Heart Rate Workout

You might want a special kind of gym equipment for this particular workout or exercise. When attaining your target heart rate during a workout, this smart bike or another model that features a heart rate monitor may be a big help. If you are beginning this specific workout, you need to cycle 45-90 minutes at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate.

This rate varies from person to person and you need to cycle at a moderate speed with heavy resistance settings. You can fasten up your cycling speed and bring down the resistance levels too. The aim is to reach the MHR or the maximum heart rate. You can do this by cycling for 75%-85% of your MHR for 1 minute and follow it up with 2 minutes of recovery time by cycling at 60% of MHR. It would be best if you repeated this six times.

3. Burpees

Burpees are an essential part of a cardio workout. It helps to stimulate all body parts, and in a little amount of time, your heart rate is likely to fasten up. This exercise will burn up as much as ten calories/ minute. There is hardly a better exercise to burn fat if you repeat this 10-20 times a minute, but remember to maintain proper form. Other benefits of the exercise include:

  • It boosts body strength
  • It enhances body endurance levels
  • It’s a full body workout
  • It’s quick and fun

4. Step-up

Ideally, while doing step-ups, you should use your arms to inch the body upwards. You are like a sprinter who is going upwards. This kind of form will help you do more work on your body than just glutes and legs. Step-ups are particularly useful for people with weak knees. Other than its great use in burning fat, this exercise should be noted for its following effects:

  • It helps to improve body balance and symmetry
  • It serves to bolster your strength for deadlifts and squats
  • It makes your lower back healthy
  • It gives immense power to your legs

5. Jumping Squats

This is yet another squat variant in which a strengthening exercise additionally has cardio elements as well. You need to do a bodyweight squat with your arms in the front or bent behind the ears. When you are the lowest level of the squat, you need to jump and land with a slightly bent knee. Then follow it up immediately with another jumping squat. Besides being fabulous at burning fat jumping squats also help you to:

  • It helps in toning the abdomen, legs, and butt
  • Enhance body balance and mobility
  • It helps to enhance sporting performance and is of particular use to athletes
  • It serves to improve a person’s health
  • It boosts bone health too

6. Bear Crawl

In contrast to most other exercises mentioned in this article, this fitness move involves the whole body. In this exercise, you need to start crawling while having both your hands and get on the ground. Going is easy initially, but things get painful after a while, and you can almost feel your body fat melting. It is that effective! Some of the advantages of bear crawl are inclusive of the following:

  • It is more engaging than most other exercises.
  • It helps you target multiple muscle groups with a single exercise
  • It is of great help in lowering of core muscles and the body at large
  • It is effective at burning a significant amount of calories
  • It can be easily modified into other workouts that target other muscle groups and body parts

7. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers is one exercise that requires no equipment whatsoever and little space. They are also one of the most challenging activities around. You can potentially burn 30 calories for three sets of doing the exercise 40x. You can add additional moves to the sessions for a balanced and rigorous workout session.

Mountain Climbers

Some really great advantages of mountain climber exercises, other than burning fat of course include;

  • It is an outstanding core exercise
  • It helps you in gaining strength
  • They are great for developing body balance
  • They serve to enhance mobility levels of the body
  • They help to keep the heart healthy too

We should add in these last words that exercising is only one half of staying healthy and fit. The other half of eating right matters just as much and must be addressed correctly.