Whether you’re 16 or 60, an injury to your back, knee or arm can be painful during recovery and sometimes even longer. Physical therapy is an important component in healing from orthopedic injuries and chronic pain. Physical therapists help restore and maintain mobility and wellness using different types of therapies designed to promote optimal physical function. It’s educational and effective when you commit to working the treatment. Learn more about physical therapy Tacoma for back pain and arm and elbow pain.

Back Pain Physical Therapy & Treatment

Back pain is often caused by muscle or ligament strain from poor posture or a sedentary lifestyle. physiotherapy treats pain by using therapeutic exercise and soft tissue and joint mobilization. It’s personalized care based on your symptoms, age, body type and lifestyle. Your therapist will also look at other existing conditions and your goals to set a treatment plan. Therapists try to find the reason for your pain to treat the root cause to improve your quality of life beyond the current injury. You will learn strengthening and stretching exercises that decrease pain in your back, restore mobility and prevent future injuries.

Elbow & Wrist Pain Physical Therapy

Physical therapy Bellevue helps with all types of arm injuries by strengthening the muscles to increase mobility. Physical therapy can help you avoid surgery or vastly improve the outcomes after surgery. Many doctors recommend physiotherapy as the first treatment option for many different musculoskeletal injuries. Moving the joints and fingers after an injury helps with healing by keeping the muscles from becoming cramped and stiff. Some therapists use ultrasound therapy to increase blood circulation in your wrist or elbow to promote healing.

It’s Educational  

Physical therapy helps you with a current injury or chronic pain by restoring mobility and decreasing pain. But physiotherapy goes much further than your current problem. It is about educating you about your body and muscles to prevent future injuries. If you have poor posture, physical therapy teaches you how to improve your posture to reduce future injuries. In seniors, physical therapy can reduce the risk of falls, even if you have a degenerative disease.

What To Expect During the Therapy

Physical therapists start with where you’re at in your healing journey. At your first appointment, you’ll be given exercises to measure your range of motion and strength to find out what helps and hurts your situation. You’ll discuss your goals for physiotherapy so your therapist can develop a treatment plan customized to your needs. You may even start physiotherapy exercises at your first appointment. Although you may see your therapist two to three times a week, you will still be expected to work on your treatment at home on days when you don’t have an appointment. The length of time you see a physical therapist will vary depending on your current level of mobility and your goals.