New York, New York – the cultural bastion of the East Coast. The Big Apple is a city like none other in the United States or even the world. More than eight million people currently call this city their home. If you aren’t one of them, then you likely fit in two camps of people. Either you still haven’t been to the big city yet, or you’ve already fallen in love with it and just need to find the right New York apartment to make it official.

In this article, we’ll share a few highlights of New York City along with other favorite locations throughout the state that attract so much attention from residents and visitors alike. These are places and sights that make New York a truly unique place to call home. 

The Museum of Modern Art

Often referred to as the MoMA, you can find the museum nestled in Manhattan and it stands as the first museum devoted to the modern era. Considered one of the most important and influential museums in the world, it contains collections of contemporary art as well as more classical pieces that have left their mark on history. Some of the classics include famous works by the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Henri Rousseau, Paul Cezanna, among others. While, of course, there are other museums throughout U.S. cities, just like New York itself, there’s nothing quite like the MoMA. 

Ellis Island

While small in size compared to the other parts of New York, Ellis Island plays a major role in American history. In operation from the late 1800s until the mid-1900s, it is where, for many of us, our ancestors entered the United States in hope of a better life. Met by the Statue of Liberty as they arrived, the monument still stands today as one of the most American images recalling the period of mass immagration to the United States through Ellis Island itself. The statue can be seen today as a reflection of the diversity found within the city which creates the unique culture that makes New York so well-known.


Made up of 41 different theaters, each containing 500 or more seats, the Theater District is found in Manhattan and is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions within the city. Broadway itself is a major player in New York’s cultural output and known around the world for its live theatrical performances. Typically, musicals are a Broadway staple, with productions such as The Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King running for well over 20 years each. Other favorites include Chicago, Hamilton, Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Aladdin, and MJ The Musical. A few non-musical plays can also be found as anchors of the Theater District, such as To Kill a Mockingbird, various rotating works of William Shakespeare, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and Thoughts of a Colored Man. If you enjoy live performances, then you owe it to yourself to see one of these fan-favorite shows on Broadway.  

Magnificent Waterfalls 

You’re probably wondering how this made the list since every state has their fair share of lovely waterfalls and you would be right. However, we just wanted to quickly call attention to two places that need to be on your bucket list. The first is the Eternal Flame Falls located in the Shale Creek Preserve section of Chestnut Ridge Park in Western New York. There is a small cave near the base of the waterfall that emits natural gas that, when lit, will produce a small flame that is visible through the cascading water. Visitors flock to the site year round to see the beautiful flame within the waterfall. The flame has been known to go out at times but can be re-lit to produce its wondrous glow. While you’re there, Chestnut Ridge Park also has facilities and space for many other activities including hiking, disc golf, tennis, and outdoor concerts. During the winter months, you can go snowmobiling or sledding. 

The second location worth mentioning here is Watkins Glen State Park located in the Finger Lakes. Along the two-mile hike, you’ll encounter nineteen separate waterfalls that will surely take your breath away. The trail wraps around the falls at varying points so you’ll be able to admire the beautifully flowing water from all different angles. 

Rockefeller Center

One of the most famous tourist attractions in New York City, especially during the winter months, is seeing the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and other nearby holiday spectacles. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the Christmas tree is put up and lit during a public ceremony on the Wednesday following Thanksgiving. This Christmas tradition has been going since 1931 and currently attracts over a million visitors each year. In 1936, an ice skating rink was built in the plaza below the tree. Each holiday season, visitors come to Rockefeller Center to have their picture taken in front of the towering Christmas tree, skate in the rink, and tour the plaza to see the holiday decorations. 

Macy’s Herald Square

While you might have a Macy’s department store in your city, it’s nowhere near the size as the flagship and corporate headquarters located on Herald Square in Manhattan. This superlocation was opened in 1902. It sits on three acres of land and boasts eleven floors of retail delight. Around the holiday season, shopping isn’t the only thing that the store is known for. The retail giant is also known for hosting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is the largest annual parade in the world. During the holiday season, young children can visit Macy’s Santaland, which is a decorative attraction that leads kids and their parents through a winter wonderland of sights until finally arriving at the North Pole to be photographed with Santa Claus. Also during the holiday season, visitors can see the store’s famous Christmas window displays that are shown on the Broadway side of the building. The elaborate window displays feature beautifully created scenic themes, animated figures and landscapes, and lighting that will capture the imagination of those who stand in wonder along the sidewalk.