The sweetest joy in life is when you finally tie the knot with the person you love and treasure most in life – your better half. Once the wedding is over, you enjoy your lovely honeymoon, and get back to your lives; however, this is when the real journey or marriage begins. Of course, the excitement and “infatuation” will proceed for a while, but the love and bond will remain strong as long as forever if you stay focused, committed, and in unison, observing the pillars of healthy love. Well, this is not exactly a class of marriage 101, but being a couple also involves making crucial decisions together. Indeed, one of the best decisions you can make as a couple after you’ve just exchanged your vows is to get a dog. For one, they didn’t just assume the title, “man’s best friend”… they earned it! In this case, we can look at them as a couple’s best friend, and this article will tell you why. 

From teaching responsibility to preparing you for parenthood and helping strengthen your bond to even small things like buying matching dog and owner clothing, getting a dog as newlyweds can benefit you in several ways. Without further ado, here are six reasons why a newly-wed couple should get a dog.

1. Companionship and Support 

Well, this may sound a bit ironic, but a dog can indeed provide companionship to a newly-wed couple. For instance, one of you could be working and the other one is not. Careers, studies, and other issues of life can keep you apart for the better part of the day, week, or month. If one of the partners spends a lot of their time home, he or she could appreciate having a beautiful pooch to keep them company. Dogs are great at providing comfort and companionship, which explains why they are the most popular animals used for emotional support.

Now, emotional support animals (ESAs) are usually recommended by health practitioners as part of treatment for people experiencing mental challenges, illnesses, or disabilities. Remember, stress, anxiety, and depression can be classified as mental illness. If your loved one is suffering from such issues, they may qualify for an emotional support dog. As explained at, one needs to pass the screening test for them to be issued with an ESA letter. Once they pass this test, all they need to do is speak to a certified psychotherapist, fill a form, and the ESA letter is issued to them. The best part is that with this letter, you can access public places with your dog without extra fees, penalties, or frustration as per the law. However, you look at it, a dog will benefit both of you in the end as a couple.

2. You Become More Responsible 

Having a furry friend as a part of your family comes with responsibility. It requires almost similar care you would give to your own child. As you co-parent in taking care of your pet dog, it will help you become more responsible, and help build trust in your relationship. A dog will help you become more organized, enough to maintain sanity in the house. You will need to ensure the dog is fed on time, groomed, and taken to the vet on time. This will prepare you early enough, especially if you are planning to have children. The responsibilities are almost the same while taking care of a baby.

3. Enhances Teamwork

Taking care of your dog as a couple can be lots of fun, but it will require teamwork, or else it breeds a problem in your marriage. It’s no easy task, but working together helps you overcome certain challenges in marriage and helps deepen your commitment and love towards each other. Also, you will need to share tasks like cleaning up the poop, washing the dog, feeding him, and so forth. This will prepare you both mentally and physically in welcoming a baby to the family. After all, you have a parenting task ahead of you. Unless, of course, you don’t plan on having kids, you will need to work together in taking care of the baby.

4. Helps in Adjusting Your Lifestyle

Most newly-wed couples are always in high expectation of the small buddy in the family. This comes with overwhelming and exciting feelings as you welcome a new member to the family. When you get a baby, you will need to make certain lifestyle changes, like waking up at night now and then to check on him and tend to his needs. As new parents, sometimes you hardly sleep, and for the few times you do, you end up sleeping late before the baby catches some sleep. Having a dog will prepare you beforehand to adjust to this kind of life. As mentioned earlier, taking care of the four-legged fellow will require almost the same time and energy as your own child.

5. Stronger Bonds 

Stronger Bonds 

newly married couple always love to adopt a dogs

Bonding between couples is a fundamental step towards any successful marriage. If you are not prepared mentally, some issues in the marriage can dilute your relationship and cause this bond to break very easily. On the bright side, having a dog can help you maintain and improve your relationship. Taking care of a dog will help you work together and strengthen your marriage as you spend some quality time together. For instance, taking the dog for a walk in the park, playing, and while visiting the vet for appointments together can introduce memorable moments that bring you closer together.

6. Adds Fun the Marriage

Marriage is a life-long commitment, with happiness and joy as the driving forces. There is always a feeling of excitement from every newly-wed couple as they start off a new phase of life together. Having a dog will add more affection and happiness to your marriage. It will keep you entertained at home as your pooch engages in some silly, hilarious acts. From time to time, this will help brighten and warm your home up even if you had frowned faces out of disagreements.  

As we’ve seen, pets can bring various benefits to a just-married couple. A dog can magnify the excitement and help nurture both of you into responsible future parents. They make you more active and enforce teamwork. When co-parenting a canine, it’s like you’re already a family. It can also help strengthen your bond as you continue to nurture and grow your love. The above are just a few of the many reasons why newlyweds should consider getting a dog together.