I have noticed many homemakers try to find ways to start their own online business but either some of them don’t succeed or some of them don’t even start after thinking about it. I understand that it might seem well overwhelming to start your online business as everything in the starting seems to be very easy and eventually, it becomes difficult. 

One of the reasons many women face this trouble is because they are not sure about how exactly did you start and how they should create a strategy used before delving into the online business. 

If you are someone who would like to start your own online business and you also want to work from the comfort of your house then this is a perfect article for you. We’re going to discuss what are the best ways that a homemaker or a woman can stay in the comfort of home and still make a good amount of money. 

Affiliate Marketing

Hands down one of the best ways that I have to come across to start your online business in affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing program is nothing but a way that you can earn money by selling products but you don’t have to create those products nor you have to deliver them to someone. 

All you need to do in this is inform others about this particular product and you will get a commission on it. The entire affiliate marketing model is based on promotion and commission. There are some free affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon Associates or WhatsWorth

On these affiliate marketing programs, you will be able to find products related to home and your daily Lifestyle. All you need to do is just use these products and promoters on the internet and the link that you have shared whenever someone clicks on a dual will get a certain amount of commission because you are the one who promotes that product. 

You might have heard that there are companies who are engaging with the influencers more than any movie stars to promote their products because it has more engagement and more people find it believable and they can relate to the influence of more than the movie stars.

Youtube Videos

If you believe that you are very good at taking the camera and you can explain things with minimal words and you can also do very basic video editing then you should definitely go for a YouTube channel. 

First of all, it is free so that you don’t have to pay anything, similar to affiliate marketing which is also completely free. You can choose topics that interest you and if you got ok for 10 minutes at least on a particular topic then you will keep making videos on a daily basis or weekly basis and you will soon start getting subscribers. Also, you can buy YouTube views online.

If you are wondering who exactly pays a YouTuber then the answer is Google. Yes, there is something called Google AdSense. You go ahead and create a YouTube channel link it with your Google AdSense account and it will pay you based on the number of subscribers, the number of watch time, and the number of views you have on your account. 

Although the new policies of Google have changed drastically because of which you need to stay more frequently to upload videos rather than doing it at once in a month. If you have a successful YouTube channel which means if you have more than 1000 subscribers and you have a good amount of views then you can easily integrate with affiliate marketing links in your description as well to get more hits.

Social Media Promotions

I have noticed many people starting their own Instagram or Facebook handle but they don’t monetize it which means the 2 used to have a good amount of followers but then they don’t go ahead and earn money out of it. 

If you have a good number of followers on your Instagram or any other social media handle then you can easily connect with various companies and ask them to provide you with sponsored posts and charge them something for it. 

When at your initial level you can always charge something like $10 but later on you can start charging them $1000 dollars for just one post depending on your followers and the engagement rate of a profile. 


No matter what you choose to earn money online, it is important that you should always do something in the case that you are doing. If you have plans of creating a YouTube channel then I won’t suggest you make one video and then vanish for a couple of months. 

If you do this then your previous video was also a complete waste as people won’t remember you for a long time. Trust me even if you’re posting something which is already there on the internet.

But if you’re doing this thing on a regular basis then you will get a good amount of followers as your followers will know that you are someone who is serious about their job rather than fooling around. 

Remember if you want to start your online business then you need to prepare a proper strategy and you need to make sure that whatever you are doing you are consistent with it otherwise you will lose the attention span very quickly.


I understand the process of creating new content on a daily basis could be overwhelming but you can always rely on websites such as Women Triangle. There are many topics related to relationships, men, money, DIY, lifestyle, and so on.

Before we create any content post you need to gain knowledge and this kind of website is great for learning different things as they are publishing the blogs on an almost daily basis. However, one of the best ways I consider starting your online business is affiliate marketing as it is going to help you in the long run and you can also do it on and off.