Tattoos are so much in trend and girls loved them too. If you love tattoos or going to have one then get it inked on your wrist. It looks cool as well as classy. In fact, if you are the one like me who is always in hurry and doesn’t have time to put on any accessories or bracelets then your tattoo is enough to flaunt your style. And we have collected wrist butterfly tattoos of every style, suitable to all types of personalities. So, check below the awesome wrist butterfly tattoo ideas¬†that can never go wrong for any girl and let us know the one, you think suits best to you.

1. Cute Red Butterfly Followed By Name

2. Butterflies In The Stars

3. Vintage Butterfly

4. Spreading Shine

5. Artistic

6. Twins Flying


7. Geometrical Butterfly

8. Colorfully Scenic Butterfly

9. Tiny, Simple And Cute

10. Freed From Bonds

11. Feminine

12. Faded Hues

13. Inked Blue

14. Lil Butterflies V/s 3D Butterfly

15. Pretty Three


16. Tiny Two

17. Spreading Colors

18. Webbed

19. Something Artsy

20. Flying On Flowers

21. Butterfly with an Infinity

Infinity wrist butterfly tattoo ideas.



These days people use tattoos as a form of expression. Tattoos is no more just ink or body art.

The above article focuses on wrist butterfly tattoo ideas.