For those who love the art of minimalist and modern tattoo designs , the work of former cartoonist, Ahmet Cambaz is a treat to them. His designs are more of black lines with a hint of color sometimes. And adding to it is his perspectives that transforms a bare patch of skin into a delicate design with its own story.

He started off in the tattooing field a little late when his wife bought him tattoo equipment as an anniversary gift. But his work speaks about his passion for the inking art and proves that more than the number of years it is your dedication that takes your work to the next level. Since then, he has developed his style, skill and vision in creating micro-style, geometric and sophisticated but extraordinary tattoo designs.

1. A tattoo for the warrior inside you

Warrior inside


2. A poised Ballerina holding her head high

The balancing act

3. Tattoo of a peaceful moment with the pet

Tattoo of the peaceful moment

4. Tattoo of a Hippo trying to swim against all odds

The Hippo under the water tattoo

5. A tattooed tree

The christmas tree

6. A tattoo that signifies the love for family

The family tattoo

7. Because your thoughts keep revolving around your head

When your thoughts are revolving

8. Under a tree tattoo

Under a tree tattoo

9. That lonely boy

That lonely boy

10. Waiting for someone to gift you planets!

Someone to gift you planets

11. Tattoo of a Cat-the pet

Cat-the pet

12. A desire to fly high in such a simple and cute way

fly high

13. For the love of radio

For the love of radio

14. Tattoo of dear cats

Tattoo of dear cats

15. Tattoo of a Panda face

Tattoo of a Panda face

16. Pet on the sleeves

Pet on the sleeves

17. Vespa scooter


18. Tattoo of sloth bears

Tattoo of sloth bears

19. A balloon of freedom

 A balloon of freedom

20. Cat eye view

Cat eye view tattoo

21. Astronaut flying a paper plane

Astronaut flying a paper plane

22. A girl with her pet

A girl with her pet

23. A fish with a knife??

24. A cute tattoo of a girl flying a kite

A cute tattoo of a girl flying a kite

25. Tattoo of a memory

Tattoo of a memory


26. The windmill tale

The windmill tale

Well,  you can see Cambaz’s tattoo designs has a depth and different interpretations for each one. So, which one of these would you like to get inked by him?

For more of the artist’s work, follow him on instagram.