Your Instagram feed should tell a story about you, but not in a boring way. You want people to relate to your style but still, find it unique and exciting. To achieve this, make sure you send the correct message.

Do you want to convert more viewers into followers and potential leads for your business? Do you want to make more friends or attract potential dates?

Making the Perfect Tasteful Instagram Feed

You can make a perfect instagram feed post

1. Select Your Images Carefully

Remember that every image on your Instagram feed communicates a particular message to your viewers. Make sure new photos relate to the entire feed.  Be bold and experiment with different filters, lens flares, and other effects.

Remember: it’s all about the story you want to tell and finding the right filter. If necessary, you can even use more than one filter on some pictures, such as selfies. Go through Facetune selfie guides to make your selfies unforgettable. Choose photos that bring out your personality rather than having people view you as another bland image on their newsfeeds. Things that can ruin your photographs include:

  • Poor lighting 
  • Lack of focus on the main subject
  • Not having a fast shutter speed
  • Shaking or moving when shooting the image 
  • Too much editing
  • Not having enough of a background to add context
  • Too much color without enough contrast

2. Be Specific and Unique with Your Instagram Content

Make sure that you allow your content to reflect your interests and hobbies. Always remember to be yourself and not try too hard. People like seeing real people: use hashtags like #nofilter and #nophotoshop to showcase your authenticity. 

3. Post Photos that Tell a Story

Remember that every photo has a story. It may not be obvious, but everything is always telling the story of something and relating either to you or someone else somehow. Take time and sometimes wait until you get the perfect shot so you can tell that story. 

Perform a Google image search for inspiration and get the general “feeling” of what you’re looking for. Take your time and once you get an idea, keep shooting until you get it right.

4. Do You Want More Views or Just Likes?

Remember that while likes are good, views are even better. Give your viewers a reason to be intrigued by your feed- they’re more likely to follow you. 

Make sure that the general theme of your feed is cohesive and, most importantly, make it true to who you are. To achieve this, understand your audience. Why do they follow you? What can keep them coming back for more?

5. The Right Colors and Tones

Color choices can make a big difference to your Instagram feeds. It’s essential to know the basics of color theory and remember that vibrance and saturation play a massive role in every picture you take. Keep contrast high by using colors that are opposite from one another on the color wheel. For example, Blue/Orange, Green/Red, Yellow/Purple.

Use contrasting colors to give your picture that extra pop and take advantage of the “rule of thirds.” Remember: every color has a particular meaning and can evoke specific emotions.

6. Be Consistent and Diversify Your Content

Remember that consistency is key to maintaining your audience’s attention. Make sure you’re posting on a consistent schedule throughout the day or week, but try your best not to post too often, or you will lose followers. 

Don’t get stuck in a rut and find new ways to present your content. If you’re looking for ideas, go through other Instagram feeds that are similar to yours or have the same type of audience as you.

7. Understand your Images Resolution

The resolution of your images significantly affects the quality and style. For a high-quality picture, make sure the file size is high enough. To find the correct resolution for your pictures, go to an online photo editor and experiment with different resolutions until you find one that looks good on Instagram.

To make your work quicker and less stressful, invest in a good camera. You can still take fantastic photos with your phone but make sure it’s good quality and has an excellent camera setting. 

8. Keep Perspective and Know What Is and Isn’t Acceptable On Instagram

Remember that the rules on your feed are different from those off Instagram. When taking photos, remember to keep your audience in mind- don’t post anything too obscene or controversial. Avoid adding hashtags on top of images as it can be distracting for the viewer.

9. You Always Need Good Lighting

There’s nothing much you can do with poor lighting. No matter which effect you want to create, you require good lighting to do it. Luckily, lights are everywhere. 

Natural lighting is always best; use your windows to capture beautiful light coming in from outside. If you’re inside, turn on all the lights and try to direct the light source toward the walls or ceiling so you can bounce the light back onto your subjects. 

10. Choose The Right Filter

While taking a photo, you always have the option to either use Instagram’s filters or apply your own before uploading it. Keep in mind that not all images require filters. Consider what would work best with each image and whether it fits the theme of your feed before applying a filter. 

With so many filters to choose from, you can get lost. Think of it this way: Warm Colors = Warmer filter, Cooler Colors = Colder filter.

Additionally, don’t be afraid of layers. Add some drama by layering a filter on top of an original image or adding a dimension texture. You can even create some extra space in between by lightening your photo a little more. This effect will make your pictures look unique and exciting, especially if you’re going for a vintage feel.

11. Sometimes Less Is More

Have more than ten photos? Add a couple of your favorite pictures into your Instagram Stories to round out the feed and give yourself some breathing room. Too many images can make your feed look cluttered and unorganized, so keep it simple and remember only to post the best photos. If you are curious to achieve instant success, you can look for opportunities to buy Instagram mentions from The Small Business Blog.

Effort and Consistency Pays

Most importantly, remember that consistency is key to success on Instagram. Avoid being everywhere at once, or you will not have enough time or energy for anything. Find a comfortable pace for posting and stick with it for people to get the chance to know you.

Above all, remember to stay true to who you are and only post the content you feel comfortable with. A large part of what makes a good Instagram feed is authenticity and relatability.