Omega watches have a tradition of designing amazing timepieces for the last 170 years. Omega is a luxury watchmaker that has always been a favourite watch brand among explorers and divers  likewise. The traveling men chose Omega to keep track of the exact direction and time. World leaders are wearing omega timekeepers. To this day, the brand name itself combines the latest technology to produce a sense of adventure and beauty!  There are lots of reasons behind the success of omega watches. Here, I will try to find out reasons from omega products.

The History of Omega

The story of Omega dates back to 1848, when a man named Louis Brandt innovated a watch company in La Chaux-de-Fonde, Switzerland. He was joined in 1877 by his two sons, Louis Paul and Caesar. That was when the company was renamed Louis Brandt & Phils. Eventually, in 1903, after proving the ease of form and accurate capabilities of time- keeping, Omega Watch Co. Name was born. 

When the two owners passed away in 1903, the company was renamed to S.A. Louis Brandt & Frère, Omega Watch Co. and overseen by six of their coordinate relatives. Due to the extraordinary specialized generation gear, they did not only keep pace in all developing segments of watchmaking, but also walked ahead wristwatches, sports, military, pilot, naval watches, car automobile watches, women watches and complications.

1930 was a major point to Omega and watchmaking industry, because Omega, merged with another watch company Tissot, naming the S.S.I.H. (Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère) – a beginning of Swatch Group.

Omega Seamaster 300

Omega introduced the first Seamaster 300 watch in 1957. It was one of the first real dive watches designed for people who dives a lot of time in the sea. Over 65 years, it becomes one of the most popular Omega watches, and can be said to be on behalf of the Seamaster Collection. But Omega watches have changed a lot since the 1950’s so to meet consumers anticipate in respect of performance and features. Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Master Chronometer watch, that is the latest from the Heritage line combines this innovative functionality with old academy, quaint appeal. In other upgraded versions, you will find a movement, which makes the watch be more accurate than numerous popular Omega watches.

The first thing I noticed about the structure of the dial. There is a combination of two backplates, which is also called a sandwich dial, instead of one. The first plate is fully covered by blue Super LumiNova paint. Another plate is black, but it has cut outs for Arabic numbers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. These figures are located near the center of the dial, equipped with an arrow-shaped hourly marker. The minute marker is slightly longer and thinner, with a highlight that makes it easier to be read.

The power supply of this Seamaster 300 is the calibre 8912. This movement features 29mm diameter, so it’s smaller than you’d anticipate for the case. But it does not mean everything, and the calibre performs exceptionally well without a doubt. It gives a 60-hour power reserve, and functions 25,200 beats per hour. In the meantime, a current-gen co-axial escapement gives predominant exactness to numerous automatic movement. All in all, I did not have any complaints almost either the precision or the execution.

The watch, similar to others in the Seamaster Collection, has a water resistance up to 300 meters. This makes it a real diving watch, able of reaching any depth you can ever reach outside of a submarine. A Two-year international warranty is provided, covering both parts and labors.

Omega Speedmaster

Numerous great explorers, including Ralph Plastid, who reached the North Pole by underground route, used the Omega Speedmaster to get there. The brace of explorers Arrod Fox and Reinhold Messner completed the so-called “last possible land trip on Earth” when they crossed Antarctica on bottom. During this long trip of 92 days, the timepiece that wore by Messner was Omega Speedmaster. The Omega Speedmaster Professional was also the first watch worn on the moon when astronaut Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon wearing Neil Armstrong’s Omega watch. From monitoring space transports to interplanetary trips to Mars, Omega Speedmaster watches recorded significant minutes with time any place people leaves on an experience.

Before the presence of quartz and GPS, there was a time when people and explorers reckoned on mechanical timekeepers for precise time- keeping. This was the time when experimental trials were held and Omega won numerous prizes for being the stylish brand in mechanical watches. Therefore, the slogan for the company-“Omega- Exact for Life” was espoused. The watchword actually claims that the brand is grounded on experimental trials. 

How does Omega make their watches awesome and outstanding? The below 3 standards are adhered to,

  • Craftsmanship Design Industrial plan partook later and will fundamentally end with the Omega Watch 3D model.
  • Innovative headway of innovation goes with the advancement of plan. Omega watch planners and designers cooperate together to make an Omega watch. For instance, Omega is utilizing its own DE VILLE CO-AXIAL innovation created by Dr. George Daniels, an expert horologist with the greater part a hundred years of involvement, and has been delivering Omega watches from that point forward. Has expanded in esteem
  • Keeping up with OMEGA Quality is remembered from the second a groundbreaking thought is conceived and stays a significant subject all through the improvement time frame.


There is no doubt that Omega is the best in the worldwide wristwatch industry. When I see watch reviews, incredibly, there are many satisfiled clients after they purchase omega watches. Since Omega produce top notch bona fide watches with outrageous exactness and ‘character’, their watches have steadfast fans and backing.

If you’re giving yourself a watch as a gift or buying one for your loved one, it’ll surely feel special. These days you can see the price of Omega watch online. Still, you should buy wristwatches of a well- known brand from an authorized dealer, such as The Watch Company. There are colorful collections of Omega watches to choose from. You should check the features and functions of each collection before making a choice. You may not need a timer that requires an astronaut. So, choose your watch wisely. Omega tests every watch before it comes to request. With the quality and performance of watches, The designs are surely amazing to you too!