With Spring quickly approaching, that can only mean one thing… wedding season! Aside from spring being the best time of year for sneezing, sniffling, and watering eyes, weddings are the epitome of everything that spring has to offer. Now, your wedding is only one day; you will probably go on your honeymoon immediately after your wedding, but after your honeymoon is over, what are your next steps as a newlyweds?

Well, one of the big steps to take as newlyweds is to find a place to live. Before you and your spouse tied the knot, the two of you might have lived together for a few years but being officially married, you want to embark on this journey together with a fresh new start. The best way to start this new journey of living together as a married couple is to move to a new city!

What to Consider When Moving to a New City

You’ve already made the commitment to love each other forever and you’ve made the big decision to move to a different city to start your lives together. Those are two big decisions you’ve made together but what about the other considerations?

It’s perfectly normal to have cold feet or be nervous about such a big move. A lot of couples are excited about starting their lives together in a big city, especially in a new city, but they also have other concerns like:

Can We Afford to Even Live There?

This is a question you’ll need to seriously think about as well as research. The key here is to be realistic about your finances. You know that unexpected expenses will probably occur, and moving, in general, comes with different types of fees, so a good rule of thumb to have would be to double whatever you’ve budgeted for… just to make sure you’re covered financially.

Which Neighborhoods are Good and Which Ones are Bad?

This part can be a little tricky if you’re moving to a city where you don’t know anyone. If you don’t know anyone in the city you’re moving to, call a realtor from the area and they should be able to give you some info. Now, if you know people in the city you’re moving to, you can obviously take their advice.

What’s the Job Market Like?

When it comes to the job market of a particular city, you want to know if it’s expanding and if there are multiple opportunities. You’ll need to determine a job hunt strategy to see if you’ll be able to have a job lined up upon moving there or if you will search when you actually move there.

Get Your Forevers Safely Started in Omaha, NE

One of the major concerns of newlyweds moving to a new city is safety. Well, it’s safe to say that friendliness is a common trait among Nebraskans, especially among Omaha natives, making Omaha one of the most welcoming cities.

When looking for an actual roof to put above your head, it’s best to start out with an apartment. According to Business Insider, renting is the smartest move for the financial future of newlyweds. We’ve teamed up with Rent.com to compile a list of wonderful apartments in Omaha that any newlywed couple will be able to start their “happily ever after” in!

Although prices fluctuate with rental properties, Omaha has rental properties with a monthly base pay as low as $530! So it will definitely be worth your time to see what’s available for you on rent.com!

For the Beach-Loving Couple, Soak Up The Sun in Vista, CA

Located in San Diego County, this beach haven is 10 miles from the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. According to Vista’s data, the city’s economy is specialized in fishing, forestry, agriculture, and manufacturing, along with other niche specific industries. You can find rental properties here that are very reasonable for newlyweds. A two-bedroom rental property can easily be found under $1,500!

For entertainment and fun, Vista has attractions like The Wave Waterpark, Alta Vista Botanical gardens, and Vista’s Broadway Theater. The population is predominantly adults in their 20s and 30s, so whether you’re young newlyweds or young at heart newlyweds, Vista will definitely be able to provide entertainment for people of all ages.

For the Love of the Great Outdoors, Move to Orem, Utah

As a newlywed couple that has a true appreciation for the great outdoors, moving to Orem, Utah will give you the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the aspects of suburbia and while being graced with the beauty of nature.

Newlywed couples can easily find two-bedroom rental properties for around $900 a month, which is a great deal! That will leave a couple enough money leftover to consider saving for a future that may include starting a family.