It is everyone’s dream to own a pool area that is unique and stylish. When deciding on the pool’s design, one should have a clear picture of how they want it to look; according to their needs and purpose. Your pool can be used in different ways, from taking a deep as you relax with family and friends, exercising to keep you healthy, and entertaining during those barbeque cookouts. 

A pool is also a wonderful place to create a nice and open environment for your Work-From-Home schedule. With the COVID-19 pandemic still being very much a part of our lives, sitting for long hours on the desk can be frustrating. You need an open area to just mix up the environment in order to boost your productivity.  

In this article, we look at the top 3 pool design trends you should try. Several designs are gaining popularity, from significant to small backyard spaces, there is a pool design you can use for your home.

Mineral Pool for Health Benefits

Mineral pools are environmentally friendly and relatively affordable compared to other swimming pools. The mineral smart pool saves almost 80% of operation cost compared to the standard traditional pool. In Australia, these have become a new basic need in most backyards. The pool operates using mineral water, which is a healthier option for you and your family. But this is not all; you can enjoy more benefits such as:

  • Keeping you refreshed as there is no chlorine and harsh chemicals.
  • It relieves your sore muscles while living you with radiant skin
  • It improves energy levels thanks to the minerals, as a result, helps you sleep better. 
  • It also increases skin elasticity and the overall health of your hair.

The pandemic has made all of us very aware of the need to keep ourselves free from viruses and other infections. While we continue to use masks, social distancing and sanitizers we need to ensure that the spaces in our homes like the pool are also safe. This becomes very important if you have kids or the elderly using the pool area to unwind and relax. 

A pool cover or pool enclosure then becomes a great idea if you are looking to ensure complete protection for your family. They can help in a major way in keeping bacterial infections and diseases away, things that are common to a pool. 

Plunge Pools if you have Limited Space

Plunge pools are easy to install, as it is mostly freestanding, a perfect option if you have limited space in your backyard as this pool does not need excavation. With everyone working from home, home exercises have also become a popular trend, and a new way to spice up your workout routine is doing some laps in the pool, or water sports. So how about getting your backyard a plunge pool, it can be used for both exercise and leisure. 

  • For adults, a plunge pool becomes a great option if you are looking to start with water-based exercises. Water cycling, weights and other exercises are becoming common thanks to many celebrities and sportsmen integrating them as part of their lifestyle. 
  • For kids, this can become quite a fun area, where they can spend their Sundays. Plunge pools are safe, but kids do require supervision from adults. 
  • Many people are under the impression that plunge pools cost a lot of money. However, this is completely false. They are quite affordable and do not require you to break the bank to get an installation. 

Plunge pools do not take a lot of time to set up, specifically because there is no excavation required to create one. This allows you to save on time, money, energy and resources. With the summer around the corner, this can be a great addition to your home. It can also help in increasing the market valuation for the house in a major way. 

Custom Made Pools for a Personal Touch.

The outdoor and indoor space of your home speaks volumes about you, therefore choosing a landscape design that complements your home is essential, and the same thing applies to the pool design. Pools play a significant role in your home’s aesthetic look, as this would be the central point of attraction. 

  • Homeowners that are looking to create a beautiful space for entertaining guests can look to invest in a custom-made pool. 
  • While they require a significant investment, most designers feel that they add great value to a home and its inhabitants. 
  • This can be your special place for entertaining guests, holding pool parties and simply adding to the wow factor of your home. 

You need to think of this in terms of a remodeling project for your home. Just as you would want to give your kitchen or the bathroom a renovation, so too can the pool fit into your scheme of things. It just might be time to extend the scope of your planned remodeling for the summer season by including a new custom pool into the scheme of things. 

Having a pool with a waterfall at the corner draws your guest’s attention to your backyard, mixing this design with a few fire bowls by your pool will immediately blow their mind, plus elevating the look of your landscape theme. Thus, if you entertain a lot, how about getting your backyard a custom-made pool for that personal touch,

The Bottom Line

Pool designs keep evolving, and each year there is a new trend that you can, explore making it easy to upgrade your backyard’s look. Having a pool in your backyard not only keeps you fit and healthy, but it is also an excellent go-to option when entertaining. It is where beautiful family memories will be made for years to come, so go ahead and pick the right one for your home.

If you need any more help or suggestions from our experts, we are always there to help you out. All you need to do is mention your questions in the comments section below, and we would be more than happy to help you out.