The “clean girl” style is another fad that originated on Tiktok and has since spread over Instagram feeds. That kind of alludes to the social media trend cycle for new “it girl” routines while evoking a chic and classic appearance. In terms of makeup, “clean” is associated with glowing skin, fluffy brows, neutral hues, smooth lines, flushed cheeks, and glossy clear lips. In terms of hair, a flawless slick back bun is the best option to accentuate minimalism and showcase the natural face.  In terms of style, the trend is toward a capsule wardrobe.

The minimalist fashion choices make reference to a preference for neutral colors and timeless shapes. The layering of simple pieces with big jackets and scarves is becoming more and more popular for the on-trend look because the clothing selections are supposed to be both cozy and stylish. Athleisure is a common component of ensembles, enhancing a straightforward sweatsuit to seem more fashionable, costly, and put together. Continue reading to learn more about how to conquer the clean aesthetic trend.

Dens & Basics

One may always get this “clean aesthetic” by sticking to neutral fundamentals and high-quality components. It is preferable to make an investment in neutral, high-quality fundamentals from reputable companies. To create the maximum clean appearance, wear them with light-wash denim pants. Our best choice is a pair of dad 90s jeans that can be effortlessly worn with tank tops, bodysuits, and t-shirts in beige, black, white, tan, cream, and other neutral hues. Opt for a timeless pair of Nike Dunk as far as footwear is concerned.

Pants with pleats and crop tops

This outfit highlights your body and exudes a trendy but elegant vibe. Your waist may be defined by the high-waisted pleated belted trousers, and this form can be emphasized if you wear a crop top with them. With this kind of outfit, a classic shoulder bag, delicate gold jewelry, and simple shoes go extremely well.

Pants with wide legs & Dunk low

A combination like this has a contemporary and urban feel. Choose a pair of light beige wide-leg denim jeans and match them with a straightforward basic crop top. Add a stylish shoulder bag and a pair of Nike Dunk low shoes to finish the look.

Oversized tee & Mini skirt

Put on a lovely miniskirt and slip a loose monochrome top into it to get the clean girl look. To achieve a very good balance between the tight skirt and flowy top, pair them with clunky sneakers and pulled-back hair.

Dad blazer and jeans

A black blazer for guys may also be worn with straight-leg jeans to create this sleek appearance. Add a basic white tank top beneath, followed by light-washed straight leg jeans, to make it more tailored. Roll the sleeves up or leave them down. While keeping it really neat and fitted, all of these items give off a rather dad-like vibe. The combination of clean girl macho street style in this outfit is wonderful and simple to wear.

Related sets

When you wear matching pieces, you look put together and ultra-chic, even if you’re just wearing sweats. A matching sweatsuit in a neutral color is one of the most iconic fashions for the clean female appearance. A large sized shirt and biker shorts.
Consider a two-piece ribbed set that includes a little crop top in the same color as the shorts for a biker look. Since everything in the set matches, it’s quite simple to put together and produces a smooth, coherent effect. A button-up shirt may be added to give it a more business-casual air if you want to liven it up a bit. To complete the look, put on a pair of retro sneakers.

A cropped sweater and high- waisted jeans

A cropped sweater and high-waisted jeans make for a timeless casual ensemble. Invest in a pair of slim-fitting jeans that reach up to just over the bottom hem of your sweater. Because your tight waistline and baggy sweater contrast, your waist looks smaller than it actually is. Wear a belt to draw attention to your attractive curves.

Trench coat

Last but not least, I paired a traditional trench coat in olive green with my straight-leg jeans. Though it still adheres to the design, the less typical color choice results in a more novel pairing than your classic khaki trench. A trench coat provides every ensemble a finished look, an extra touch of polish, and a touch of Scandinavian style. Avoid anything too flamboyant and choose a trench in a neutral hue to maintain the clean girl look.

Final reflections

Once you grasp the fundamentals of the clean girl aesthetic, it’s simple to create the look you want with items from your existing wardrobe. The mix of timeless and classic pieces allows practically (if not all) of the pieces to be dressed interchangeably because of the neutral color scheme. So mix and combine as much as you like.