The fact that long-distance relationships come with various disadvantages make them overly complicated. Your family and friends may discourage you from pursuing long-distance affairs, as many believe they never work out. You also have the chance of getting heartbroken, in case you took it seriously.

Despite how tough long-distance relationships can be, they also provide various reasons to feel excited. For instance, taking a walk together can mean a lot more than a partner that is right next door. It brings along several small wishes that become more meaningful as you start a long-distance relationship.

So how do you keep your long-distance relationship healthy? How to keep it alive? Or what do you do in a long-distance relationship? If you have these questions in mind, you have landed on the right page. LiveTray brings you ten tips that will ensure you have an excellent long-distance relationship.

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1. Keep Communications in Check

When you are into a long-distance relationship, you may want to stick to your partner all the time. However, you don’t need to stay connected 10 hours a day to sustain your relationship. Instead, try to make communication when you feel it is right. Expressing your love at the right moment will help you develop trust and is healthy for your relationship.

Excessive communication can irritate your partner and ruin your relationship. Remember, no one likes spamming – not even you.

2. Set your Expectations

When you set out for a long-distance relationship, you both know that your love affair will differ from normal relationships. As you will see each other less often, setting up expectations will ensure a smooth flow of trust and respect. If you don’t set rules, you might give your partner a surprise, which is not healthy for a relationship.

Try creating a schedule for calls and messages, or stay open to personal interests and values. This process will allow you to understand each other better and help you to maintain a healthy relationship.

3. Perform Tasks Together

Involving each other in any way you can is a good step ahead towards building a strong bond. Performing tasks together, such as playing an online game or singing together on Skype, helps develop positive emotions. Partners will enjoy their presence more, even if they are miles away from each other. 

4. Stay Connected Regularly

While our first tip focused on not communicating for hours, it is also crucial to communicate periodically to keep your relationship going. Small conversations about daily life happenings can have surprising results in long-distance relationships. You can greet each other, send pictures and videos of yourself to make your partner feel loved.

These small actions play a significant role in strengthening your emotional bond and are very beneficial for your relationship.

5. Talk Dirty

Although it may seem a bit too far, talking dirty with your partner can boost your relationship. Sex is a physical and emotional need, and if the context is kept clear in a long-distance relationship, it can do wonders. It acts like glue and holds both the parties engaged and connected.

Try sending teasing texts with provocative descriptions and sexual innuendos to make it more intimate and romantic.

6. Make Visits if Possible

Nothing beats a surprise visit by your lover in a long-distance relationship. Make them count as you don’t get many chances to meet your partner. Little things like holding hands and kissing can mean a lot in a long-distance relationship. 

These visits spark life into your love life and are highly beneficial and healthy for your relationship. 

7. Enjoy your Time When you are Alone

Many couples tend to let their world revolve around their partner, leading to loss of love and affection in the long run. You need to give yourself the time you need and proceed with your interests. Partners need to commit to their relationship, but they also have to spend time with their family and friends. 

When you buy yourself some time, you feel rejuvenated, which allows you to open up with your partner even more. This process will help you relate with your partner and find some things you can do alone.

8. Stay Honest

Opening up and sharing your thoughts and feeling with your partner is a crucial part of any relationship, and a long-distance relationship is no exception. You can talk about your feelings so that your partner knows how to deal with them if a situation arises.

By staying honest with your partner, you get rid of your insecurities. By doing this, your partner will know and help you deal with your problems, which is undoubtedly healthy for your relationship. It is better to disclose the secrets early than to suffer at a later stage.

9. Keep Track of each other’s Schedules

Everyone has commitments, and your partner will have them too. Whether it is a career-oriented aspiration or a family affair, it is always good to know your partner’s schedule. When you know your partner’s daily routine, you know when to give your partner a call or text. This process will allow you to create space for yourself and your partner, which will help you maintain a healthy relationship.

10. Exchange Gifts

Gifts and presents can uplift the morale of your partner. Mementos will help your partner relate better with you, and it also keeps the love and affection alive. Holding memories in physical things helps us think of our loved ones, especially when they are not around. These little things will help you make your bond more substantial and send a strong message of how much the other person means to your life.

And LiveTray’s bonus tip:

Stay positive

Long-distance relationships can be challenging and require a lot of effort and work. It would be best to have positive energy to fuel your relationship as long waiting can become painful and induce loneliness. Being grateful is undoubtedly the right solution for staying positive, as all this waiting will end with sweet rewards.