From the early days, women played the vital role of organising bingo in many clubs. They used to sell bingo tickets, work out prize money, verify winners, and payout rewards. In the early twentieth century, even catholic churches and charitable institutions used bingo to raise funds. 

Eventually, bingo became a favourite pastime game played for decades in Britain and the USA. Now, with online gaming, bingo is played all over the world by men and women. 

However, it’s still a women’s game!

According to recent studies published in Mirror Online from around 3.5 million bingo players in the UK, 4 out of every 5-players are stay-at-home moms. 

It has nothing to do with any stereotype notion!

It’s just that bingo is a fun, relaxing, socially engaging game that appeals more to women than men. Meanwhile, a UKGC gambling participation study of 2012 found that demographically bingo is getting more popular among all ages. It’s no more a game belonging to the women of the twilight generation. It also found that even men are catching up to the game. In age 18 to 24, if 8% of females played bingo, 5% of males also played it. 

Yet, women continue to be the majority among bingo players. According to another study published in Mirror Online in 2016, 80% of bingo players are women worldwide. 

Reasons Bingo Is Played By Women More

Socialising and Connecting

Compared to men, women like socialising and meeting new people more. Women prefer playing bingo to make new friends and be mentally active. Even most of the bingo sites listed by  and casinos focus on attracting their women customers as they are plentiful than men. 


Competitive sports like chess or even blackjack and poker are more difficult to master than bingo. You don’t need to strategise or practice a lot to win a game of bingo. 

That makes the game light-hearted and enjoyable for everyone!

Moreover, busy moms or working women don’t have time to boggle with video games. Bingo is a perfect alternative for them. It’s fun, relaxing, and easy-to-play. 

Healthy Competition 

Unlike men, women show more interest in socialising than fixating on rewards and gains. They intend to develop a new circle of friends that leads to healthy competition. They gamble responsibly without getting lost in the pursuit of rewards. 

Easy Accessibility

Online gaming has eradicated the need to step out from home. It gives women a more easy opportunity to play bingo at their leisure.  

Better Mental Health

Women are more prone to depressed and anxious feelings. Bingo helps in enhancing their cognitive ability and sharpening their minds. It helps them unwind. Many bingo websites and slot machines have also seen a visible percentage of women players choosing to play the game to relax their minds rather than striving for rewards. 


Younger players of both genders are now enjoying playing bingo with their friends online. Even more senior people (male and female) play bingo nowadays, realising its mental health benefits. 

But still, bingo remains a woman’s game altogether, enjoyed playing by women of all ages either online or at clubs and parties.