Do you read your daily horoscope? Roughly 12 percent of Americans read their own horoscopes on a daily basis, but the number of people who read their horoscopes on a weekly or occasional basis is much, much greater. If you don’t read your horoscopes, it might be because you believe astrology is ridiculous, or because you don’t have the time for it. But your preconceptions about what horoscopes are and how they work could be holding you back from some real benefits.

Misconceptions About Horoscopes

These are some of the most common misconceptions about daily horoscopes:

They claim to predict the future Many people falsely believe that horoscopes are written to predict the future, dictating how the day or week is going to go for one-twelfth of the population at a time. For most rational people, this is a ludicrous idea—but it’s not what horoscopes are for, and it’s not how horoscopes are written. Take a look at any Virgo daily horoscope, or a horoscope for any Zodiac sign, and you’ll get a better sense for how they’re written. It’s less about predicting events and outcomes, and more about describing a general character or energy of the day to come.

Horoscopes and astrology are the same thing.

Horoscopes and astrology are interrelated, but they aren’t the same thing. Astrology is a system of study and belief centered around observing how celestial patterns and movements affect life on Earth. Horoscopes are daily columns that typically rely on at least some astrological findings to explain the character and/or energy of a day for a person with a specific astrological sign. You don’t have to be an ardent believer in astrology to read your horoscope; in fact, many people aren’t, and simply read their horoscope for entertainment purposes. Similarly, not all horoscopes are written by “real” astrologers.

Maybe this is the reason horoscopes are so underrated and it spreads on Astrology overall. To avoid common misconceptions like this, try acquiring new knowledge from authoritative and trustworthy resources only such as astrological books or websites like Horoscope, Astro Cafe, Astrostyle. To differentiate once and forever what the main difference between a daily horoscope and an astrology brief is, try typing ‘daily horoscope Virgo’ for today’s date and Virgo zodiac sign for a general brief, or on any other sign you may want.

Reading your horoscope takes too much time.

The length of a horoscope will vary depending on the source you use, but for the most part, it isn’t a long entry. If you avoid reading horoscopes because you don’t want to make the time investment as part of your morning routine, you might want to reconsider. You can likely find at least one horoscope source that only takes a few minutes a day to read, if that.

People with the same Zodiac sign will have the same personality or destiny.

This is a common belief of people who never read horoscopes or put no value in astrology. While astrology predicts that people with the same Zodiac sign will share key characteristics, it doesn’t mean you’re bound to those characteristics, that all those characteristics will apply to you as an individual, or that you’ll share a similar future due to those personality traits.

Horoscope readers believe in the paranormal or are superstitious.

Not everyone who reads a horoscope is going to take it as a literal fact, nor do they necessarily believe in any paranormal elements or superstitions. In fact, many horoscope readers don’t have any of these beliefs. Instead, they read their horoscopes for pure entertainment, or because they’re genuinely curious.

You shouldn’t use horoscopes to make decisions or plan your life.

If you’ve balked at the idea of using horoscopes to plan your future or make decisions, consider looking at it in a different light. It may be problematic to use it as a way to predict the future, or to take a drastic action based on what your horoscope said, but there is value in reading your horoscope and reflecting on it. Oftentimes, it written in a vague way that forces you to see a different side of yourself, or a different perspective on a situation. In other words, it forces you to be introspective, which can be incredibly valuable when making important decisions.

Horoscopes have no value to people who don’t believe in astrology.

You’ve already seen how horoscopes can have value, even if you don’t believe in astrology. You can read it as a source of amusement in the morning. You can use it as a tool to be more introspective and make better decisions. It could even just serve as a daily habit, and something to look forward to as part of a routine.

Giving Horoscopes a Chance

There’s no reason not to give horoscopes a chance in your own life. You don’t have to believe everything they say, nor do you have to believe your Zodiac sign is going to dictate your future. Instead, read the it for entertainment value, or use it as a tool to be more introspective about your own decisions; you might be surprised how much value you can get out of it.